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"Those immersed in environmental work of any kind will find the activity of reading entries on resources a way to both identify new links with kindred groups and to assess work that needs to be done." - ARBA
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Environmental Resource Handbook,
The Environmental Resource Handbook is a research guide that offers a unique combination of more than 6,300 environmental resources and listings, as well as 350 tables, maps, and charts of environmental statistics and rankings—all revised with the most current information available.

Hailed as a "must-have resource" for environmentalists, educators, researchers, and students of environmental studies, this eleventh edition is comprehensive and thoughtfully arranged for easy and efficient use. Over 200 brand-new listings—all with email address, web sites, and key contacts—have been added meaning, more ways than the last edition for users to reach exactly who they need.

The Environmental Resource Handbook, 2021-2022 is divided into four sections.
Pub. Date: July 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64265-839-2
Price: $155

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Section One: Resources is divided into 15 chapters, covering topics such as Associations & Organizations, Environmental Law, Government Agencies & Programs, Research Centers, Industry Websites, Online Databases, and more.

Section Two: Statistics & Rankings includes more than 300 tables and charts that comprise 17 main topics, from Agriculture to Green Metro Area Rankings to UV Index.

Section Three contains two detailed Appendices:
  • A list of Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • A Glossary of Terms

Section Four contains three helpful Indexes for the user:
  • Entry: Lists all entries alphabetically, identified by record number
  • Geographic: Lists entries alphabetical by state
  • Subject: Facilitates search of resources and statistics by environmental categories

The 2021-2022 edition of The Environmental Resource Handbook is a must-have for all public and academic libraries, as well as any organization with a primary focus on the environment.
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US Land and Natural Resources Policy
This new edition brings the topic farther into the twenty-first century, taking note of natural resources policies during the final years of the Obama administration and those enacted or proposed by the Trump administration. Some of the Primary Documents from the second edition have been deleted and replaced with new documents that reflect current realities—and the number of Primary Documents has been expanded. This edition continues to provide extensive state and national data with ranking tables and hundreds of colorful maps, detailed listings for the Department of the Interior and related industry resources, Chronology, List of Public Acts & Laws, and Glossary. 
Pub. Date: July 2018 | ISBN: 978-1-68217-729-7 | List Price: $165 |
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