NALS News and Updates for April 2018
NALS Leadership Discussion Series
What Does A Strategist Do?

A strategist must set the stage for why strategy is an essential leadership responsibility while providing  support and structure to any vision and concept. Leaders with this quality want to develop the framework to use what is meaningful and adapts with change.

Grammar Nuggets
Are Entities Singular or Plural?

As we've learned before, a verb must always agree in number and person with the subject. See "Singular Verb, Plural Subject, Both . . . and, It's All About the Agreement" in the October 2014 NALS docket. But what if the "person" is an entity? Do you then use a singular or plural verb?
Burden of Proof
An Essay of Definition

When an individual files a civil lawsuit against someone else, the burden of proof rests on his shoulders. When the parties go to court, they each have an opportunity to tell their side of the story. Of course, if that was all that was needed, nearly every case would end in a "he said / she said" situation. 
Spirit of Pioneering

The next piece of this series on the Spirit of Eula Mae (stolen from the Disneyland Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln display) is Pioneering. In my mind, pioneering is being innovative and bringing others with you.
Ask Eula Mae
Finding Time to Stay Certified

I've been a legal assistant in real estate contracts for many years and my workload has grown with the company. It's not too big to handle, but sure makes for a full day. I have my PLS Certification, which is about to expire and I'm not sure if I want to stay certified. 
Grow Your Chapter!

Contact non-traditional legal personnel - hospital compliance, architect firms, telephone companies, utility companies, process servers, court personnel, research institutes, etc. Go in-person and give membership materials from NALS Resource Center and your local chapter information.
Latest News and Updates
Phoenix Conference Hotel Reservations Link is Updated

As of April 18, 2018, the NALS hosting hotel has repaired the reservation link to include the following dates for our conference guests: 9/14/18 through 9/28/18. This will give you more time to explore the area before and after the conference! 

@LAW Magazine Transitions from Print to Digital-Only
(Members Only)

Starting June 2018, NALS Board of Directors has decided to move this publication into a digital-only PDF format, with delivery through email following the current quarterly publication schedule. The NALS @Law is a quarterly magazine that provides its members with valuable information including, but not limited to, educational and substantive law articles, grammar, career corner, and technology columns, office trends, and ethics. 
NALS Award of Excellence Deadline is Fast Approaching

The NALS Award of Excellence is presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in association leadership and professional development. It is the top honor a member can receive from NALS. From now until May 1, 2018, nominations can be submitted to the NALS Resource Center. Nominate and recognize NALS' great leaders by clicking the 'read more' below. 

Are you thinking of ideas on how NALS can be better?

Do you have the passion, energy, innovation, and vision to bring NALS into a strong future? Can you help NALS navigate a changing association world to meet the needs of future generations and still remain relevant? If so, consider applying to the NALS Board of Directors today!

NALS Recertification Process Moves Online-Only

Recertification is the act of having one's certification renewed after the original award date. NALS considers recertification to be continuing one's education in the legal field by obtaining continuing legal education credit hours. 

NALS Certification/Education Manager, Maria Easterly, has moved the process to online-only to keep down the costs of processing these requests for dedicated NALS certification holders. 

In Case You Missed It!
Chapter Compliance Changes

How Are You Handling Your Members' Data?

NALS Resource Center Staff follow various association management outlets that provide top-notch information and keep us up-to-date on new technologies, ideas for engagement, and rules and regulation changes to managing our association. This article is to introduce you to a new compliance rule known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Be sure your account (email) is up-to-date to receive all alert details regarding this.
NALS Foundation News
NALS Foundation Opens Their Full Circle 5K Registration Today!

The NALS Foundation is hosting a Virtual 5K this Spring to raise money for its continued mission of enhancing educational opportunities. Now is the time to start planning your office-wide exercise initiative! 

Thank you NALS 2017 Circle and 2018 Full Circle Donors! 

The NALS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation working hand-in-hand with NALS...the association for legal professionals to enhance educational opportunities. Since its inception, the NALS Foundation has awarded grants and contributions of over $200,000 for the benefit of chapters and states.

A special thanks to each of our individual and organizational donors!
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Events & Deadlines

01/01/18 - 09/15/18 - NALS Traveling Gavel Challenge

05/01/18 -  ABA Law
Day 2018

05/08/18 - 05/14/18- NALS Spring Legal-Lympics

05/19/18 - ALP Certification Exam Date

06/01/18 - Chapter Deadline: NALS Foundation Grant Deadline

06/30/2018 - NALS Foundation Full Circle 5k Deadline (NEW!)



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Undergrad Students,
International Deposition Guides
State/Local Chapter News
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2018 Traveling Gavel Challenge

As a way to promote #BetterTogether, each Board Member has a traveling gavel, a gavel shaped thumb drive assigned to him or her.  The Board Members encourage members and chapters who want to participate to take photos with the traveling gavel once they receive it.  These gavels will be sent around until the  NALS 67th Annual Conference in Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix)

NALS Social Media Corner
NALS' Accredited Legal Professional Exam Now Online!

After over a year and half of work and development between NALS Certification  and Education Manager, Maria Easterly and the NALS' National Certifying Board, the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) exam is now online!  

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