The Week of April 4, 2017
Anything is possible! In 2014, there were five local chapters of NALS in Alabama and now there are six. NALS of Central Alabama was formed in 2015 by five members-at-large of the state association, Alabama AALS. These founding members had been active in the state association as well as on the national level of NALS and carved their own path to form their chapter online:  NALS of Central Alabama.

The Oxford comma is subject to debate. It is the comma before the word "and" in a series. For example, "bread, eggs, and milk." The comma between "eggs" and "and" is called the Oxford or serial comma. It separates all of the parts of a list.

Ask Eula Mae
Transition to Paperless Files

We are trying to go paperless in our office, but I am finding that process more time-consuming.  We scan every incoming document and it goes into a "scanned" subfolder.  At some point it needs to be renamed and then moved to the proper client file.  We file the hard copy in the client's paper file. 
Docketing and Marketing: The Unexpected Relationship

Since the Great Recession, companies continue to pare down the outside law firms that provide legal services and instead use their in-house counsel for legal work. Their legal budgets are decreasing and they need to find ways to provide the same support at a lower cost.
NALS Foundation News
NALS Foundation Announces New Chair and March Grant Winners

NALS Foundation is preparing for a great year ahead of funding quality education programs for legal professionals working with attorneys and the public to enhance their skills and provide them with the latest information on their profession. The NALS Foundation also keeps the good of the legal profession in the public eye, emphasizing a positive image of the profession and the importance of qualified, competent legal professionals.
NALS Foundation Grant Deadline: June 1, 2017

In keeping with the NALS Foundation's mission, grants will be awarded for programs which support education, leadership development, and/or certification.  Applicants are also encouraged to develop innovative new programs that go beyond the typical, classroom-style, learning environment-but it does not have to be a new program!
NALS Association News
Introducing the 2017 NALS Board of Directors

Congratulations and welcome to the 2017 NALS Board, Darlene Howard Holt, Nakia Bradley-Lawson, Carl H. Morrison PP-SC, RP, AACP, Amylyn Riedling PP, PLS-SC, and Tara Hughes, PP-SC, ACP, RP. NALS looks forward to your passion, energy, innovation, and leadership. 

A Note About Your NALS Certification Renewals

As a NALS certification holder, the NALS Resource Center Staff would like you to know that your certification should be renewed every five years. Please note it is your responsibility to know when to submit that recertification process. 

State/Local Chapter News
Submit Your 2017 Officer Rosters
If you have not submitted your 2017-2018 officer roster, please submit this so that rebates and other mailings will be delivered correctly. 
Immediate Attention Required-IRS Form 990N

The link lists States & Chapters  with Non-Compliant Filing
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires NALS to submit a list of organizations that are covered by the NALS group exemption each year.
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