The Week of January 10, 2017
Contractions are used to indicate where letters are missing in a word. I think that because there may be apostrophes involved, contractions and possessive pronouns are often confused.

As legal support staff, we should all strive for perfection.  However, sometimes mistakes will happen.  As my current boss has told me several times, everyone makes mistakes.  It is how you handle the mistake that makes the difference. 

Ask Eula Mae
Social Media and Work

I am a new legal secretary at a large law firm and even though the human resources department gave me a tour and an employee manual, nothing was said about our use of social media.  I try so hard to have a good profile on Facebook and post tons of photos. 
Fear of failure sometimes keeps people locked in little boxes.  It is like having two monkeys on your shoulders, one saying, "You can do it" and the other saying, "You cannot do it!"  It will not work --- stay safe and stop the madness.
NALS Foundation News
NALS ALP Mock Exams - Now Online!

It's with great joy that NALS along with the NALS Foundation and the NALS Education Products Task Force release the online Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) certification mock exam for your studying purposes. 
NALS Association News
Association Committee Welcomes New Team Members

The Leadership Identification Committee (LIC) is excited to announce two new team members. 

NALS Welcomes Certification/Education and Membership Managers 

NALS Resource Center is happy to announce the addition of two new team members. 

Available Volunteer Opportunities
Ed On Demand Task Force (4 Openings)

Build and use your legal professional network to organize and schedule legal education for your fellow NALS members. Requirements include: online/email access, ability to attend web meetings throughout the year, and willingness to cold-call or email to gain potential speakers. One year commitment preferred. Resources are provided.

Certifying Board 
(3 Openings)

This committee is responsible for preparing and updating certification exams for the three certifications offered by NALS-Accredited Legal Professional (ALP), Professional Legal Secretary (PLS)/Certified Legal Professional (CLP), and Professional Paralegal (PP). Must be valid PP/CLP or PLS certified. 

Industry Certification Task Force
(2 Openings)

NALS Industry Certification Task Force has a two-fold purpose, to get NALS certification exams listed on individual states' Board of Education approved industry certification lists, and two, to get NALS certifications recognized by the Bar Association in each state. Requirements include: online/email access, ability to attend web meetings throughout the year, and willingness to cold-call or email to fulfill the purpose of the task force. One year commitment preferred. Resources are provided.

In This Issue
Events & Deadlines

1/15/2017 - March 2017 Certification Exam Registration Deadline  (ALP, PLS/CLP, and PP)

1/16/2017 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
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State/Local Chapter News
Submit Your 2017 Officer Rosters
If you have not submitted your 2017-2018 officer roster, please submit this so that rebates and other mailings will be delivered correctly. 
Immediate Attention Required-IRS Form 990N

The link lists States & Chapters  with Non-Compliant Filing
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires NALS to submit a list of organizations that are covered by the NALS group exemption each year.
NALS Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Results are in for the 2017-2018 NALS Board of Directors Election.  NALS extends a sincere congratulations to the newly elected board members and officers! 

Resource Center Staff 
Tammy Hailey, CAE
NALS Executive Director -  NALS Foundation Director 
Saundra BatesMembership Services Manager 
Rebekah Scrogrum - Certification & Education Manager 
Lydia GoodnerMeetings & Communications Manager

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