Can you help me?  It seems I have been getting busier at work and my workload has grown to the point that I am nearly confused.  The files on my desk have slowly piled up to where I cannot tell what is coming or going.  I am just working one file at a time and not sure where to start to get all of this straight. 

The word none can be singular or plural depending on the number of the noun it is referring to. Back in my fourth grade English class, none was always singular. Again, grammar rules have changed and modern thought is that it can be either singular or plural. One way to decide is when you can replace the word none with not one, then none is singular. If you mean not any, then none is plural.

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Preparing Leaders for the Future

Leadership development is crucial to the future of our association. It inspires new members, new and potential leaders, and provides current leaders with the tools they need to succeed. When I took office as the 2016-2017 President-elect of the Mississippi Legal Professionals Association, I wanted to do what I could to equip our members with the tools to help us grow.
Have You Considered School Online?  
NALS Foundation News
NALS Foundation Grant Deadline: June 1, 2017

In keeping with the NALS Foundation's mission, grants will be awarded for programs which support education, leadership development, and/or certification.  Applicants are also encouraged to develop innovative new programs that go beyond the typical, classroom-style, learning environment-but it does not have to be a new program!
NALS Foundation Sponsors NALS 66th Annual Education & Networking Conference Keynote Speaker

As an award-winning international speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur,  Cheryl Wood  impacts audiences around the world with her bold and audacious approach to living life. Individuals and corporations have been impacted by her relevant, relational, and riveting message of unleashing your personal power to excel at your next level. She trains audiences to overcome self-limiting thoughts of doubt and fear by giving strategic steps to help them ultimately reach their goals.
NALS Association News
A Note About Your NALS Certification Renewals

As a NALS certification holder, the NALS Resource Center Staff would like you to know that your certification should be renewed every five years. Please note it is your responsibility to know when to submit that recertification process. 

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Submit Your 2017 Officer Rosters
If you have not submitted your 2017-2018 officer roster, please submit this so that rebates and other mailings will be delivered correctly. 
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Events & Deadlines

NALS 66th Annual Education & Networking Conference
Registration Now Open

Take advantage of NALS Early Bird Registration by July 1, 2017! 

Reserve Your Hotel Today 

If you are planning to attend the NALS 66th Annual Education & Networking Conference, please note that last year's room block was filled well before the time of the hotel deadline. Reserve your space today!

NALS introduces two new networking events for you!
NALS introduces two new events for the NALS Annual Conference. One will be a Scavenger Hunt through the local Waterside district across the street from the conference center/hotel. This allows any registrant the ability to participant in an event for a small fee. The other event is the Escape Room Event. NALS has organized a fun, live game that will challenge you and your team to escape the room using creative problem solving to get free!

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Webinars + Continuing Legal Education Opportunities
Webinar:  Apps and Websites to Help Your Productivity + Helpful Tips for Helping Your Chapter and Employer

This CLE webinar covers various online and mobile applications that you can use to help with your productivity throughout the day. Lydia Goodner, NALS Communications & Meetings Manager + G28 Creatives Co-Owner, gives you some insight into the applications and websites that help her manage what she does at NALS and being a business-owner. Plus! She gives you a few helpful online tips to managing your chapter or employer's online presence. 
Get this webinar for only $5.00 for the month of May!
Use the Offer Code:  APPWEBINARFOR5 at checkout.
Resource Center Staff 
Tammy Hailey, CAE
NALS Executive Director -  NALS Foundation Director 
Maria Easterly  - Certification & Education Manager 
Lydia GoodnerMeetings & Communications Manager
Morgan Ballou - Membership Services Coordinator 

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