NALS News and Updates for October 2018

It wasn't all that distant in America's past that women were not allowed to vote in elections equally with their male counterparts. It's easy nowadays to take the women's vote for granted without being aware of how it came to be in this country.

I've been a legal secretary in a medium-sized firm for about three years now.  I started as a data-entry person and the more I read and learn, the more I know I want to have a career as a legal support person.

Although the jargon may be a bit overused, people who think outside the box are often labeled as innovators, a desirable quality in life and business. It's easy and safe to go with the flow, but leaders buck trends rather than follow them.

Always Be Prepared

Keep extra copies of your local/state chapter information in your car or at your office desk in case you meet someone that could benefit from NALS. We are all learning together and that is what makes the association fun. You never know what a new person can bring to the table to help us learn more, grow more, and network more.  Make a point of meeting as many legal professionals as you can, no matter what association, if any, to which they belong.  We all have to work together.
State/Local Chapter News
New Chapter Group Administrator Application Requirements
Each year, the NALS Membership Services Department asks each chapter to submit their respective state or local rosters for group administrative permissions for your chapter board leadership. Each group administrator can manage their group and members of the group for chapter marketing purposes.

As of October 4, 2018, the plan is now in place. From here and into the future, the Chapter Officer Roster Form will be no longer the correct way to submit your chapter leaders to gain the proper administrative permissions.  
Changes to Rebate Distribution
NALS is in the process of moving toward a more efficient way of issuing rebates. We will be issuing future rebates via ACH transfer (electronic bank transfer) versus a mailed check. An email to your treasurer will be sent with the member detail on each ACH transfer so you can properly maintain your records. 

This move is especially handy for your chapters as treasurer changes and changes of addresses will cut down on the time it takes for you to receive your rebates, provided your chapter's bank account doesn't change. 

Please fill out the form in the link below and submit it back to us at PO Box 470348, Tulsa, OK 74147 or submit virtually via We thank you for your compliance!
NALS News and Updates
Wendy Carpenter, PP, PLS, named NALS Outstanding Member

Wendy Carpenter, PP, PLS was officially recognized as the NALS Outstanding Member at the October Online Membership meeting for dedicated and exemplary contributions to NALS....the association of legal professionals.
NALS Online Exam Provider Produces a How-To Video for Examinees

PSI Services LLC, our online assessment provider, has developed a five-minute step-by-step tutorial on the online exam process for taking any of the NALS Certification Exams. 

The video covers logging in and setting up the exam and proctoring service. 
NALS Resource Center Staff Updates the Main Website Menu Based on Departments

NALS has four resource center staffers that manage the several departments of the association. These departments are Meetings, Certification/Education, Membership Services, and Communications. Within these departments, are the @LAW, national annual conference, state and local chapter management, certification exams, member benefit management, webinars, recertification, and the NALS docket. The NALS Resource Center staff has re-organized the main menu of to reflect the departments and items within each for your convenience. 

NALS Professional Paralegal (PP) Exam Now Online!

After over two years of hard work, dedication, and development between NALS Certification and Education Manager, Maria Easterly, and the NALS National Certifying Board, the Professional Paralegal (PP) Exam is now online!  

NALS Foundation News
NALS Foundation is selling Custom Rustic Cuffs for the Fall/Winter Season.   The price is $40 per cuff. Support the NALS Foundation and purchase yours while supplies last. These would make a great gift for your chapter's leadership.

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Chapter Leaders and Online Examinees!
Webinar Playback: Let's Talk About Online Exams
NALS Certification + Education Manager hosted  an in-depth look at the online exam process, from application to viewing test results. After viewing the webinar playback, you will know the following objectives: 
  • The professional relevancy of online exams
  • NALS' impact on the legal support profession by implementing online exams
  • How the new online exam application process works
  • What to expect after an examinee takes an online exam
  • How to schedule a one-on-one talk with Certification + Education Manager about online exams

Thank you NALS Foundation Donors and Supporters!
NALS Foundation Recognizes 2017 Circle and 2018 Full Circle 30/360 Donors

The NALS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation working hand-in-hand with NALS...the association for legal professionals to enhance educational opportunities. Since its inception, the NALS Foundation has awarded grants and contributions of over $200,000 for the benefit of chapters and states.

A special thanks to each of our individual and organizational donors!

October 2018 CLE Quiz Challenge
This month's featured topic: U.S. Administrative Agencies

Ready, Set, Learn, and Earn! 
Each month the NALS Certification and Education Department releases an online  quiz that will test your knowledge of the featured topic of the month.  Members who score a 85% or better will receive 1 FREE CLE automatically upon completion.
You may use outside sources for the answers, if necessary. You must be an active member with NALS to receive this free CLE!

Log in today and access the quiz below.

Continuing Legal Education Opportunities
Resource Center Staff 
Tammy Hailey, CAE
NALS Executive Director -  NALS Foundation Director 
Maria Easterly  - Certification & Education Manager 
Lydia GoodnerMeetings & Communications Manager
Morgan Ballou - Membership Services Coordinator 

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