Northville Township Supervisor, Robert Nix II, and Director of Public Services Director, Tom Casari, have been meeting with the Wayne County Roads Director and staff regularly to implement needed bridge and road repairs in Northville Township. They have also requested that the Wayne County Sheriff's Office assist the Northville Township Police Department in ticketing trucks violating state laws and local ordinances.

Here are a few updates on road projects/issues that are impacting Northville Township.
Northville Township is pleased to share the news from Wayne County's press release that the fourth and last closed bridge along Hines Drive located between Northville Road and N. Mill Street is now open (as of Tuesday, July 9 th at 4:00pm). Support beams have been properly installed for the bridge’s safety.

The Township understands it's been a challenge for those residents traveling in the area, especially with the unfortunate delays. Thanks for your patience! We thank Wayne County for trying to expedite the process as much as possible while ensuring bridge longevity and safety for the future. The bridges along Hines Drive have been closed for almost a year after routine inspection results. These four Hines Park bridges are just a few of the 231 bridges within the 43 communities which Wayne County maintains. 
Supervisor Nix met with Mike Jaafar, Chief Operations Division, and requested that the Wayne County Sheriff's Office assist the Northville Township Police Department in enforcing the No Truck Zones (Napier and Six Mile), speed limits and weight restrictions.

Chief Jaafar is increasing Sheriff patrols and enforcement actions against trucks in violation. This will assist our Township Police Department in addressing resident concerns over truck traffic generated by the Arbor Hills Landfill and trucking operations in Salem Township.
Good News! At the request of the Township, Wayne County has added the Northville Road/Six Mile Intersection resurfacing project to the road program for completion in 2019.

Due to the critical deterioration of Sheldon Road between Six and Seven Mile Roads, the Township has also requested resurfacing of that portion of Sheldon Road to be included in this year's schedule. Progress updates will be posted.

For your information, the schedule we posted earlier in the spring listing all the tentative Wayne County Road Projects for 2019 is listed again below.
The following list is the tentative schedule of road projects Wayne County is working on in 2019.  Project schedules are only estimates. Work could be delayed for a number of factors, such as inclement weather.  Motorists should expect delays while work is in progress. 

To stay up-to-date with the Road Projects in Wayne County, please visit their website at:
Ditching Projects
Wayne County will continue completing the ditching along both sides of Napier Road from 6 Mile Road to 8 Mile Road. They will start this summer with the plan to complete them by year end. There may be interruptions along the way do to other safety concerns in the County.

Main Street between Clement and Beck Road will begin in July and be completed this year by Wayne County.
Resurfacing Projects
Five Mile Road and Haggerty Intersection will be resurfaced by Wayne County this year.

  • Beck Road, north of Six Mile and South of Curtis.
  • Northville Road, south of Seven Mile at James Court.

The following resurfacing projects were suggested by the Township to Wayne County. They may be completed this year:

  • Sheldon Road from 6 Mile Road to 7 Mile Road will be looked at by Wayne County Roads Division for possible completion this year as a mill and fill project.

  • Northville Road and Six Mile Road Intersection will be looked at by Wayne County Roads Division for possible completion this year as a mill and fill project.

Reconstruction Projects
Haggerty Road, between Five Mile Road and Six Mile Road will begin in May of 2019 and be completed this year.
Widening and Signalization Projects
Five Mile Road and Beck Road Intersection will be widened and new signalization added this year.

Six Mile Road and Beck Road will have widening and new signalization beginning this year with completion next year (2020).
Subdivision Slab Replacement Projects
Work is being considered in Lakes of Northville, Northville Colony Estates and Whisperwood Subdivisions. The Wayne County contractor will complete this work as part of this years $375,000 Program offered to the Township by Wayne County.
SEMCOG 2045 Plan
Wayne County Staff will request an amendment to SEMCOG’s 2045 Plan to include the reconstruction and widening of Beck Road from Six Mile Road to 8 Mile Road as part of the Plan this fall.
Economic Development Projects
Northville and Plymouth Township’s continue their effort to get Five Mile Road from Beck Road to Napier Road Funded for a reconstruction and widening project to serve the MITC Corridor.