WAM's Studio Classes program has been around for over 120 years - but we wouldn't be much without the rest of Museum! Today I am going to highlight a few other offerings and opportunities the Museum is currently providing .

WAM Updates - WAM Updates are short, informal posts that put the spotlight on small, but exciting, Museum-related projects, staff updates , new offerings, and other WAM news.

WAM Reading Group for Members - Join our newly established, interactive reading group for members and staff of the Worcester Art Museum! Each month, we will select one book (fiction or nonfiction) related to any aspect of visual arts to read and discuss together. ( Become a member here - you also save 10% on classes! )

Master Series Videos - These art talks are presented by a scholar in the field focused on a work in the Museum galleries and provide an in-depth appreciation of the piece(s) and artist(s). Not all talks have been recorded, but if you scroll down to Past Master Series, the ones that have been recorded have a link at the bottom of the description.

Lastly, I need to offer an overdue apology. When our original Adult Spring 2020 brochure (pictured left) went out, we were notified that the credit for our cover image was incorrect! Our deepest apologies to Gloria Goguen, the correct artist for our cover image!

Elizabeth Buck
Manager of Studio Class Programs
Worcester Art Museum