Happy Holidays
& A Wonderful New Year!

We had a little fun with Education's Holiday cards this year (above)--placing ourselves into a WAM Collection image! We digitally tucked ourselves outside the window in March Snow, by Henry Varnum Poor; apart and yet together. I hope each of you have had a chance these holidays to be with loved ones and friends in whatever way was possible.

We are working on Spring and Summer classes, and look forward to many new opportunities. The Sketch will continue to share the work we are doing by highlighting faculty, student, and staff work, and keeping everyone in the loop, with a new monthly schedule. We will be offering a variety of fun, innovative ways to inspire creativity online, continue to work with our partners like Open Door Arts, MA and WPS/21st Century Schools, and make plans toward an in-person summer.

As I write the last Sketch of this year, I am thinking of how far we have come in 2020. When making New Year's resolutions last year, increasing online programming and starting remote classes were not even on my radar. Ten months later, it seems that even as we plan for in-person classes, online courses and lectures are here to stay due to their popularity. As we look forward to exhibitions in physical spaces, we are excited about the prospect of continuing virtual exhibits.

Happy New Year!
Elizabeth Buck
Manager of Studio Class Programs, Worcester Art Museum