Online Has Benefits

Along with the challenges of hosting classes online, we have also learned to enjoy the benefits! Commuting time into class is reduced to the time it take you to boot up Zoom, and no one has to pack and lug supplies into class - forgetting a color, brush, or project is a thing of the past!

We have students from all over the country--and even internationally-- and with no driving time, some individuals working from home have been able to fit an art class break into their day.

Faculty have their full gamut of supplies and examples at their disposal, and if (when?) you run out of coffee, you can just make another during class. The image above shows just some examples made for youth classes this summer - nice to have them all immediately accessible!

Fall classes will remain remote, but in our winter session we are planning to offer both in-person and online classes - letting the students decide what will best fit their needs. Now that you've seen in-person and online classes, which would you choose?

Elizabeth Buck
Manager of Studio Class Programs, Worcester Art Museum