I know, we get bombarded with messages about thankfulness at this time of the year, prompted by the imminent entry into our holiday season. With the pandemic still going on, and many people experiencing hardship and loss, sometimes we can easily fall into the mindset of "What do we have to be thankful for?"

I propose that rather than asking this question rhetorically, we ask it in earnest. So, what do we have to be thankful for? I for one, have a safe place to live, a community of people - family, friends, and co-workers - who support me, and a good supply of caffeine. Yes, caffeine. I include caffeine because sometimes it's the little things that help us get through the day. A quarter-hour reading in the morning with a cup of tea, a half hour with your favorite sitcom rerun, squeezing in thirty minutes of painting or writing during your lunch break...small things.

What these "small" things examples all have in common is the arts. A writer wrote your book; actors, script writers, costumers, videographers, and more put together that sitcom; and the act of creating is itself an art, no matter the outcome.

If you have a hard time finding something to be thankful for this season (and I don't blame you if you do), consider being thankful for the arts. As someone who receives this newsletter, you are already part of the WAM Studio Classes Family in one way or another, and I, for one, am thankful for you!

Elizabeth Buck
Manager of Studio Class Programs, Worcester Art Museum