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Thank you to everyone who helped make our annual food drive a HUGE success! We are so thrilled to support the Easton Food Pantry year after year- thank you all for showing up and making this happen!

Check out the photos! CLICK HERE

See you on Saturday 12/14 for the Annual Holiday Party- please rsvp on Facebook!
Everyone came thru with their costumes, but there must be only one winner! Congrats to  Joleen Vellios  for her best impression of the Lamp from the Christmas Story Movie.
Great job, Vagabonds!
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Beginner Sessions are now ongoing- contact Kevin for more info!

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 It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs and from day one you get to enjoy the unique community at Vagabond. You can download the app from your APP Store, and it is free to use, Vagabond will pick up the monthly costs, so people can enjoy tracking their workouts, data, and how they are feeling on a given day.

EVERY Thursday is Bring a Friend at Vagabond!

All classes, all day!
New Podcast out for Mind Body Strength Podcast. Go to your App Store or podcast app to find us. Kevin and Matt talk about what is going on with mind body strength, Vagabond, Matt’s career and overall anything that came to our minds, Episode 9 in the books! Take a listen and give us a rating if you like!
Vagabond Specialty Classes for the month:
All Levels can Attend these Specialty Classes! Whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete- all members are strongly encouraged to participate!

Every Monday: Olympic Lifting Class @ 6:35 PM.

Sunday 12/8/19: Vagabond Gymnastics @ 9:00 AM

Vagabond of the Month!
Jen G.
When I first decided to give Vagabond a try, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think I was “fit” enough. But my very first conversation with Kevin was so encouraging and I’m glad he convinced me to give it a try. I have friends who go to other CrossFit locations and when I tell them the stories of support and extra attention to training that is provided at Vagabond, they are shocked!
All of the coaches are supportive, encouraging and they challenge you to give it your all. The Vagabond mantra is true; dedication, consistency and patience. These three things will help you reach your goal and not quit. The community at Vagabond is amazing as well! The 7:35 Vagabond Late Crew is filled with great friends and makes coming to class fun and enjoyable.
Current Goal: Keep getting stronger!!!

Special Note: Please remember for the Vagabond Store Credit List, you will be charged the first of every month for now on purchases that are done on the credit store list, there will be 3% card processing fee to cover charge fees, JUST FOR CREDIT CARDS USED FOR STORE CREDIT.