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Beginner Sessions are now ongoing- contact Kevin for more info!

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 It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs and from day one you get to enjoy the unique community at Vagabond. You can download the app from your APP Store, and it is free to use, Vagabond will pick up the monthly costs, so people can enjoy tracking their workouts, data, and how they are feeling on a given day.

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New Podcast out for Mind Body Strength Podcast. Go to your App Store or podcast app to find us. Kevin and Matt talk about what is going on with mind body strength, Vagabond, Matt’s career and overall anything that came to our minds, Episode 9 in the books! Take a listen and give us a rating if you like!
Vagabond Specialty Classes for the month:
All Levels can Attend these Specialty Classes! Whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete- all members are strongly encouraged to participate!

Every Monday: Olympic Lifting Class @ 6:35 PM.

Sunday : Vagabond Gymnastics 3/15 @ 9:00 AM

Vagabond of the Month!
Steve L.
So many great things about VB. Being part of a strong community makes it a comfort zone where you can come to work out with friends that motivate you and decompress the daily stresses that come with life. Most workouts tend to consist of a lot of synergy between the coaches and members. Whether it’s coach Jay or fellow members seeing you getting tired and give you a motivational “let’s go”, coach Leroy walking into the gym and coming over to correct my form during a workout, or simple things like Spanish telling me I don’t need to wear underwear underneath compression pants haha. Also, the progressing programs that are offered are incredible like Heather’s gymnastic classes, Katie’s Kettlebell Classes, and anyone thinking about transitioning to Fitness phase I highly recommended Leroy’s Olympic lifting classes (I still need more Leroy sessions!). In addition to VB making me the best version of myself I of course have to acknowledge the great friends I’ve made from coaches to members.  . .

Special Note: Please remember for the Vagabond Store Credit List, you will be charged the first of every month for now on purchases that are done on the credit store list, there will be 3% card processing fee to cover charge fees, JUST FOR CREDIT CARDS USED FOR STORE CREDIT.