Hello My Friends,
The countdown has begun - it is all rather intimidating.  However, remembering the chaos and confusion when I moved to Basalt from Toklat at Ashcroft in 2005 with my 86 year old mother and my 120 pound Newfoundland, this could be considered a trifle.  So many of you asked what I was going to "do" and so herewith the first iteration of my wish list!

Dreaming aside, the Dropbox folders are many now. Full of lots more goodies at super prices (and you know beach vacations can be pretty pricey especially if you dream of the Seychelles!).
The reality being that the invisible will probably keep me grounded for a good amount of time. Did I mention lots of naps?
I shall be buoyed and strengthened through the transition by all the emails you have written - so many loving, kind words and affirmations! I am so grateful.
About one thing I am sure. I will finally have the time that I have longed for over the years to dial down on many aspects of my family history not to mention 7000 scans to archive, five more boxes of papers to sort, five file cabinets of papers in storage - you get the gist. I may be leaving bricks and mortar but I am not leaving YOU. Remember how we used to say "I am only a phone call away?" Well I am just a keyboard away!
My address for snail mail as of June 21 will be PO Box 3402, Basalt, Co 81621. Phone number: 970-618-1722. I don't think I will change the email - haven't decided.
This Memorial Day is so poignant. If Trump is the "war president" then every single person who dies of Covid-19 should get military honors. Just saying! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor