issue 13
HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a ride!

We just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your involvement with the dreamcatchers web during our "crazy/but special...unfathomable/but filled with silver linings...upside down/but inspiring" first year. 

We want to do so much in 2021…but we can’t do it without a captive audience, members, engagement, and content. We have put classes together, launched a directory, shared panels, Facebook lives, podcasts…anything we could rub together to make magic for our members. It was NOT easy, but it was worth it.

To move forward, we need you.

We are sure your personal and professional lives have taken quite a few turns this year…and we want to hear it all. JOIN US. Engage with us. Once you do, you can promote yourself and your business in our members-only Facebook community. And if you are looking for inspiration, connection, a new can do so too.

If you are already a member, you were allotted personal time with us. By now you should've received an email from Marissa inviting you to grab time on our calendars. Didn't see that? Want to learn more about what we are doing before you join? Check out our Calendly by clicking the logo below and let's get dreaming.

We are open to your ideas and feedback and want to build a community that you are proud of, that you share, and that you invite others to join in…and one day you will be able to say you started on the ground floor with us. As you can imagine, we are full of ideas for the new year and pray for more normalcy. We look forward to reconnecting, working together in any capacity, and seeing you knee-deep in all things dream chasing.

To growing, believing, doing, dreaming...and HUGGING in 2021.

Much love,
Marissa + Jamie
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