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issue 2
Hi Dreamers!!!

We have been SO busy the last 2 weeks getting the dreamcatchers web everywhere we can. Some highlights: we have gone live 4 times on our Facebook (have you caught them all?! If not, links below); we have welcomed several new members; we have created an event with Bell Works for this upcoming Sunday; we have launched our constellations; and more! NOTHING can stop us from leading with light. More details below about each of these sparkles of hope and glimmers of professional healing. Mark your calendars and be accountable for joining us.
We started going LIVE with our dreamMAKERS on our Facebook (@The Dreamcatchers OR @Choice Fashion & Media) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm.
BE SURE TO TUNE IN and pass along to your networks!

Check out our past 4 here :
4/14 with Sarah Martinez
4/16 with Lori Sawyer and Caren Boscaino
4/21 with Cristina Santos and Deirdre Spiropoulos
4/23 with Bridget Riepl

Next week, we have Tootsie Olan on 4/28 and Meredith Koloski on 4/30! Can't wait!
Want to go live with us? Reach out!

While on our LIVES, we have highlighted some brands and businesses that we (and our guests) feel are doing it RIGHT right now. Check them out and support where you can!
This week, we launched the dreamcatchers web constellations !

As part of our membership, dreamCHASERS are gifted this constellation, or individualized group of stars, based on their needs and desires. Think of it as a personal board of directors. As we grow, the groups might grow...but for now, our dreamers get some (much-needed) TLC! 

After careful review of the questionnaires, we made the groups. After almost 2 decades acting as professional matchmakers in our day jobs, we are confident we have made some great choices! Included below are our "constellations expectations" - aka your social contracts to each other. Take a look. 

We are still working on our groups and would love to expand them. Haven't joined the web yet or filled out your form? Instructions at the bottom of this email.
It’s time for our April How it Works: #BellWorksFromHome 🏡! As you all know, we were supposed to have our first ever #LeadWithLight event on 4/26 in the ballroom at Bell Works . Even though we had to cancel, we couldn’t let the day go by without doing something for our Bell Works community and all of YOU! So...we’re going VIRTUAL.

WHEN? Sunday 4/26 11:00AM - 1:00PM EST!
WHERE? On our Facebook Page - we’re goin’ LIVE! (@thedreamcatchers23 on Facebook) AND the Bell Works Facebook Page

Join us as we:
1. take a look inside how Bell Works is surviving & thriving in the current climate with Paola and Brooke from NPZ Studio
2. receive a professional unblocking exercise/spiritual “plumbing” session from Bell Works tenant and guru Mayya Fleyshamakher
3. interview someone who has not only made the most of his time at home, but inspired us all to do the same, our dear friend Julio Vincent Gambuto

For those who don’t know, Julio just wrote a brilliant article for Medium that when VIRAL - it was shared over 43,000 times and has over 17 MILLIONS reads! Check it out here.
He has also launched Uncle Julie’s Kids’ Trivia Show - a nightly Facebook Live at 6PM EST that you & your kids can enjoy!! He also has an adult version on Friday nights :) Talk about getting it done!

Inspiring - right?! We think so, too. See you SUNDAY at 11:00AM

Patrica Halfacre
Yesi Lavin
Patricia O’Malley
Bella Mazza (who won our Protein Power Ball contest on Instagram!)
Lauren Messano

...and counting!

We are proud to announce that we are already at close to 90 members...and this is in the middle of a pandemic! Just imagine what we can do together if this is how we started :) Overall, our focus is to grow the web so we can start building and healing. We can’t heal others without all of us collectively rising. Let's do this!

Still haven't OFFICIALLY joined the web?

In order for us to track properly, we need you to OFFICIALLY JOIN US !

You have already received directions on how to be part of our web and as a follow-up, have received a Google Form and an invite to our exclusive Facebook group. Our content for web members is meant to be private for our cultivated community, as we are stronger together. If you have not received directions (or can’t find them, forgot, can’t see them, need your hair done), respond to us ASAP so we can hand hold you. Which we don’t mind doing as you have done it for us before.

Make sure you are following us on ALL platforms - links below.

Check out our website to join the web!

Thank you to everyone for helping us continue to