issue 3
Hi Dreamers!!!

Somehow we are living in Week 9/10 of this unbelievable moment in time. Thankful to be healthy! We know you all must feel the way we do...finding the different joys and trying to focus on them. While letting go of the things we can’t control. We are all "one day at a crazy time" over here. 

Speaking of joys, YOU are one of ours. Since launching our web, we have 100 organic members… and have over 500 organic followers on Instagram and growing. We are creating content, cultivating constellations, and in turn, igniting one another and letting our light be the only thing that is contagious.

We know Time is Currency , especially now. We want to take the time to highlight the good we have been doing, remind where you can contribute, and showcase our plans for the near future. We know how many emails and posts we are all seeing and also not seeing. We don’t want to add to your quarantine stress, but rather we want to gift you a sacred professional space.
As you know, we have been going LIVE with our dreamMAKERS on our Facebook (@The Dreamcatchers OR @Choice Fashion & Media).

This Thursday 5/14 at 5pm, we will be LIVE on our FB page and the Bells Works FB page for their next installment of the How it Works series, The Future of Retail , which will feature many of the retailers inside Bell Works, including Booskerdoo, Bar Method, Renaissance Pilates, and The Gathering Shops.

Check out our past 4 here :
4/28 with Tootsie Olan
4/30 with Meredith Koloski
5/7 with Deirdre O'Doherty, Senior Global Product Development Manager, (most recently) Madewell; Erica Taylor, National Sales Manager, Toms; Lisa Phillips, Founder, Physhion Boutique; Sarah Clark, Founder, b&me NYC; and Sarah Reinertsen, Founder, Glow Boutique
Have a rising college senior or recent grad in your life? Know someone who does? Check out our dreamcatchers web info session on 5/26! Click here to register .
On 4/26 we hosted our April How it Works: #BellWorksFromHome 🏡!

Listen here . Our awesome convo included:
1. a look inside how Bell Works is surviving & thriving in the current climate with Paola and Brooke from NPZ Studio and Ralph Zucker, President of Somerset Development, Bell Works' developer
2. a professional unblocking exercise/spiritual “plumbing” session from Bell Works tenant and guru Mayya Fleyshamakher
3. an interview with someone who has not only made the most of his time at home, but inspired us all to do the same, our dear friend Julio Vincent Gambuto

Elaina Giumarra
Charlene Roberts
Denise Acanfora
Jenni Schwartz
Aly Bernacchi
Carolyn Montrose
Erin Hughes
Kate Laufer Gorenstein
Lisa Phillips
Jennifer O'Connor

...and counting!


Kaitlyn McDermott
Kara McDermott
Olivia McDermott
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Next up? This Sunday, 5/17 at 11:30am, we will be chatting with Vanessa Broochian, aka founder of Frostings by Venee , Monmouth County's ultimate specialty boutique known for their personalized gifts! Check us out live on FB then on iTunes!

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