issue 5
First of all, HAPPY SUMMER!

You ask and we deliver!
(Even in a pandemic! Can you imagine what this community is going to bring you when life is fully normal?!)

For years, we walked around in our personal and professional worlds as vaults of information, so we have taken that collective web of connections and contacts and created this community. As a member, you will have access to an ever-growing incredible group of professionals right at your fingertips.

Introducing the dreamDIRECTORY ! This private, password-protected modern day Rolodex of Dreamers is officially in your orbit. Now more than ever it’s who you know, and guess what? the dreamcatchers web will soon be (if it's not already) your favorite place to network, collaborate, elbow bump, engage and inspire.

Members: we will be emailing you the code for access directly as a perk of your membership. Non-members: join TODAY!

The more we grow, the more we glow 🙌 Stay tuned! 
PS - Marissa wrote a blog post all of us should read. In her words...

“I wrote a professional prayer as I find that writing out all of my feelings helps me stay clear. I would like to share with all of you this message because I know we ALL need it - the last few weeks/months have been difficult for all of us. Take some time to read this fully and please remember we are each a light 💡.”

Click the image below for the full post.
Drumroll please: as we always say, time is currency.
Every choice we make with our time (especially now and let’s hope forever more) is emotionally charged.
We get you.

That’s why we are busy curating content for the web that feels like the professional hug we promised. We are setting our bar and intentions high so that when you spend your time with us, your mind, body, and soul will be primed to make your own magic.
Introducing our  dreamMASTERS academy : intuitive and spiritual career curriculum from soup to nuts, ​made exclusively for dreamcatchers web members but open to all, and led by our favorite gurus, the dreamMAKERS. ​You need it? We are doing it.

Web members are $10. Non-members are $15.
And we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the dreamMAKER's favorite charity.

#changeyourcourse #leadwithlight 
On Monday 6/29 at 7:30pm, we kick off our  dreamMASTERS academy  with  setting intention 101  featuring dreamMAKER Bridget Riepl. A yogi and guru (and yes a former lawyer), Bridget will gift us a new tool to add to our toolkits: how to do work on the mat so our work is better off the mat. We will meditate, we will flow, we will let it glow.

Click image above to join us. Zoom link to follow registration.

About Bridget:
Bridget Riepl is the founder and owner of the NJ Yoga Collective and the VibeWell Yoga Festivals, as well as the co-founder of Boss Up and Brunch, a women's networking movement, founded to host female-lead power panels and masterminding events. 

Bridget has grown her teachings and business from a single yoga class to something that has touched almost every town and studio in the state of NJ through events, social media, and her online platform for connecting our incredible yoga community. 

Bridget has taught thousands of yoga classes in her career and has a profound belief in the practice's ability to transform lives, open eyes, increase compassion, enhance awareness, and make our world a more inclusive, diverse, and wildly wonderful place. To that end, Bridget serves as the chairperson for the Global Mala in NJ and will be the host of the 11th Annual Mala in 2020.

A native Jersey girl, Bridget lives in Rumson, NJ with her husband two children, Sadie and Patrick. She spends her days by the beach, taking deep breaths, and figuring out new ways to grow her business and spread the love. 
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Shayna Schwartz

In order for us to track properly, we need you to OFFICIALLY JOIN US ! Once you do, you will receive an email with information about having direct access to:

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  • The dreamDIRECTORY, a comprehensive password-protected list of our members
  • Placement in a dreamcatchers web constellation. As part of your membership, you are gifted this constellation, or individualized group of stars, based on your needs and desires.
  • After careful review of the questionnaires, we made the groups. After almost 2 decades acting as professional matchmakers in our day jobs, we are confident we have made some great choices!
  • We are still working on our groups and would love to expand them. If you have yet to be placed with a star, make sure you have PAID and then filled out your GOOGLE form.
  • We will periodically send surveys out because we want to ensure your constellation is serving its purpose and that are working on what our members want and need to see.
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