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Please forgive me if my original apology did not seem heart felt or communicate the depth at which I am truly sorry to those offended by my earlier email using the term "gay" in a derogative manner.


While the words I wrote would not be appropriate at any time, 

in the last few days I have become more aware of events and circumstances  that have impacted the gay community. My words added salt to an open wound I had no idea about and they added fuel to the fire during an exceptionally difficult time.


I allowed ego to cloud my judgment and reach for justification. To justify my actions was inappropriate and ignorant. 


For doing so I offer my deepest, sincerest apologies.


My intention is for Y2 Yoga to be an open, inclusive community that welcomes people of all backgrounds.  The events of the last several days have reminded me that our words can affect people in the most powerful of ways.  I will take this important lesson to heart as I continue on my journey.  


I have already committed $1000 donation to* personally, and I am going to commit Y2's Dharma Initiative classes to this organization for the next 3 months.





Within each one of us is the place where the whole universe dwells..

It's a place of peace of truth of love and of light ...

When you're in that place in you and I'm in that place in me...

We are one

- Namaste


*The It Gets Better Project reminds teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone - and it WILL get better.