Understanding fundamental truths about our thought processes is invaluable to creating peace of mind and maintaining it. Looking within and overcoming procrastination and self-doubt through radical self-compassion are two of the things Amanda Crowell shines a light on to enhance our sense of well-being. Amanda's popular TedX Talk has over 600,000 views; needless to say she's an in-demand speaker and writer. We've been honored to host her multiple times at Mountainside Chelsea so keep an eye out for future collaborations this summer.
Your Self-Care Kit
In recovery, we are mindful about what not to put into our bodies (i.e. drugs and booze) and start thinking about what our bodies need (i.e. food and exercise). Ayurveda provides the foundation for creating balance and peace of mind within ourselves through recognizing the connection between mind, body, senses and spirit. Whether you want to start out exploring self-care the Ayurvedic way or dig deeper with Ayurvedic techniques for balancing your life, our neighbors to the North, Kripalu, have a variety of offerings to help you embark on your journey.
The Cooking Corner
Hi! I'm Caitlin, Director of Community Relations at Mountainside. As someone always on the move I often find myself getting home at night and needing to unwind... and that’s not always easy. While working in the fast-paced world of hospitality, I was introduced to Ojas Milk and its relaxing qualities. You can adjust the flavors by changing the ratios of the spices to your tastes and what’s right for you. Adding this to your nighttime rituals will surely make for a relaxing evening and peace of mind.
June 7th, author Nicole Caldwell joins Mountainside's Recovery Advocate, Martin Munroe, to discuss "Better: The Art of Sustainable Living." We'll be discussing the intersection of sustainability and art, and showing how our greatest artistic achievement can be reinventing our lives. This unusual guide blends theory with practical hands-on DIY ideas to incite your own creative adventure.