Austin Pets Alive!
When we think of lending a hand, we usually think of helping other people. But our four-legged friends could use a little help from us, too! Taking in an animal in need is a wonderful way to show we care and to selflessly help another living creature. The unconditional love and endless snuggles we’ll receive promote healing and provide us with a natural easing of everyday stressors.
The Cooking Corner
Too hot for soup? Well we’ve got a delicious solution for you. This chilled potato leek soup is perfect for late summer meals. The ingredients are at their peak this time of year and this recipe is a cinch to make. Invite some friends over and have fun sharing this very “cool” dish with them or bring some to the next patio party!
With so many options out there, it seems that choosing a way to pitch in and help others would be easy. But for many of us, too many choices can be overwhelming. VoluteerMatch helps us narrow it down and find out how we can be of service locally, utilizing our skills and interests to support causes that are close to our hearts, and our homes. Hit the button below and get in where you fit in!