Your Self-Care Kit
Founded in 2015, BIGVISION has changed the landscape of what connection means in recovery for young adults. It’s their foundation in connection, wellness and fun which makes BIGVISION and Mountainside’s continual collaboration more important than ever. In combating the COVID-19 crisis they sprang into action with their virtual offerings with everything from writing workshops and crafting, to magic shows and movies nights.
Check out their website to stay up to date on all of their virtual events.  
The Cooking Corner
Hello! My name is David H. and I am an Alum of Mountainside, as well as a professional chef for over 12 years. For events where appetizers are welcome, I use deviled eggs as a base to get creative and fun! During the most recent holiday, I served smoked salmon and roasted habanero deviled eggs. This recipe provides a flavorful and light deviled egg to serve as a base for whatever inspired twist you come up with. Some of my favorites include avocado and lime, or buffalo chicken.
Anything is possible with this easy-to-make recipe!

Do you enjoy writing? Are you the next Hemingway? Want a chance to let your creativity flow? If so, then Writing Forward is for you!
Writing can be a powerful tool for recovery; we offer writing workshops during residential treatment, and now we want to encourage you to make writing a part of your recovery. Whether it’s a narrative about your journey, an inspiring story, or a piece of creative writing – we want to read it. So, put your pen to paper and start writing forward! If you would like to submit your writing for a chance to be featured in Mountainside's upcoming literary page Click here .

This week’s author: Brandon R, Mountainside Alum and one of the voices behind My Recovery NYC .