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The Cooking Corner
I’m Steve Pisarski, a Senior Wellness Coordinator and fitness trainer at Mountainside. In my free time I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. When I've had a particularly hectic day, diving into a recipe that requires a lot of focus helps me to slow down. My efforts are rewarded every time, and the results are delicious. As an added bonus, this dish is easy to plate and present if you want to impress your friends and family!
Join us this week as Mountainside Assistant Wellness Manager, Sheree Surdam, leads the discussion on Boyd Varty's, "Cathedral of the Wild". Dive deep into the African wild through this story of transformation that inspires a great appreciation for the beauty and order of the natural world. With conviction, hope, and humor, Varty makes a passionate claim for the power of the wild to restore the human spirit. 
Explore the renowned Longwood Gardens through their virtual tour, ‘Our Gardens Your Home'. Enjoy the sweet serenity of stunning imagery and videos of what’s in bloom; learn how to create your own cut flower bed and play a memory matching game. This whimsical walk through nature’s beauty is sure to bring a smile and brighten your day.