Your Self-Care Kit
Introduced to us by Mountainside’s Director of Recovery Coaching, Jason Arsenualt, we are thrilled to be highlighting Katharine Pettit Creative (KPC) in  Pathway to Wellness Through Movement . KPC spotlights social injustices using dance as our universal language, and changing minds by opening hearts through movement. In the same way that our Recovery Coaches help individuals identify and navigate their feelings, this 15-minute KPC workshop offers the opportunity for creative expression of emotions through movement. 

Coming this fall to Mountainside Chelsea – Katherine Pettit Creative’s dance theatre musical,  I COULD NEVER LOVE ANYONE... , showing three sisters struggling with addiction.
The Cooking Corner
Hello there! I’m Alex Lahr, a Recovery Coach in New York City. I’m also an avid amateur cook who uses cooking as a coping mechanism. This pork tenderloin recipe comes from Home Cooking NY and it’s one of my favorite simple showstoppers. The flavors are wonderfully savory and taste like it contains more than the few humble ingredients you’ll need to prepare it. Even if you’re not a seasoned cook, this is a fantastically accessible recipe.

PRO TIP: Make sure to pat the meat dry – it will ensure you have a great sear!
Join us this week as Mountainside Senior Recovery Coach, Bill Blaber, co-hosts As the Page Turns with the author of "Dangerous When Wet", Jamie Brickhouse. Along with leading the discussion, Jamie will also provide hilarious witticisms and anecdotes from his life experiences which led to the creation of his satirical memoir.