June Bulletin
For Volunteers, Staff, & Board
Hi, and welcome to the first internal bulletin!

My goal is to send you one about every two weeks with relevant information for the volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors.

It will take me some time to figure out the most effective format, so I appreciate the patience ahead of time and I welcome feedback . My hope is to both spread information amongst the various aspects of our organization so that everyone is better informed of Noyo Center happenings and give you something that is engaging and interesting to read. This week is a bit text heavy as I introduce the various segments. This will not always be the case! I will try to primarily include pertinent info, photos, helpful links, etc.

This email will be most effective & meaningful with full participation from all of you, so please send content my way, and I will be sure it is included in the next bulletin.

I've already received so many great stories from staff and volunteers, and I'm so excited to share the magic with you in the upcoming bulletins! Looking forward to hearing more from all of you. And thanks in advance!

Maggie Barrett
Administrative Assistant

Upcoming Science Talk: this Tuesday!

Sea Shepherd & Monitoring the Annual Dolphin Drive on Japan's Pacific Coast
by Wendi Felson

June 25th 6pm
Downtown Discovery Center
338 N. Main St., Fort Bragg

Wendi will be sharing a slideshow and her experience working with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on site in Taiji, Japan (aka "The Cove"), which is the location of an annual slaughter and capture of dolphins. Full details here .
Upcoming Events

*** only a few spots left ***
Can you help us spread the word?

Discovery Camp
July 8th - 12th
Ages 11-15

* Four fun-filled days * an overnighter * marine adventures galore *

Full Calendar Here
~ Summer Hours ~
Discovery Center

Open 5 days a week
11am - 6 pm
(closed Tues. & Thurs.)

338 N. Main St., Fort Bragg
Crow's Nest
Interpretive Center

Open Thursday - Monday
10am - 4pm
(closed Tues. & Wed.)
Noyo Headlands Park, Fort Bragg
Administrative Office

open to the public
Tuesday & Thursday
or by appointment

155 C. Cypress St., Fort Bragg
Exciting news!
There is now Coastal Trail access at the end of Alder St., which makes it only a ~10-minute walk between the Crow's Nest & Discovery Center. Or so I have heard...has anyone walked this yet & timed it? I'd love to hear how long it took so we can give the public an accurate estimate!

We are currently working on updated materials with a map showing the connection between these two locations. Stay tuned!
Meetings, Committee Updates, & More
Please let me know when meetings are happening & what the outcomes are...i.e., this is how we can all stay in the loop of various conversations.

Volunteer Steering Committee (new!)
Meeting every 2nd Tuesday. 11 am. Noyo Center Office.
Board Rep is David Alden. Current members are Carin, Susan, Wendi, Donna, Natalie, Cynthia, & Sheila. All are welcome to meetings.

...more to come in future bulletins...
stay tuned for a finance update from Ginny!
A Segment from

4th of July parade in Mendo:   Flockworks & Noyo Center will be in this year's parade once again. If any of the board members, docents or staff want to join us, contact me  sue@noyocenter.org  for more details.

It's All Fun & Games Camp has had another successful summer! We accepted 16 kids this year, with a waiting list of 4 more kids! This summer, we started at our downtown Discovery Center & then walked to Wiggly Giggly + Otis Johnson parks for some outdoor time. Tuesday, we poked around the tide pools at Glass Beach & hiked down to the Crow's Nest for an afternoon of: pinniped + whale ropes (marking the different animals/lengths /weight/fun facts + sleuthing about what bones/skulls/skeletons belonged to which marine mammal...plus got introduced to our invertebrates by Sarah. Wednesday, we went to CV Starr Center to enjoy art, stories + fun in the pool time. Thursday, we will be tide pooling at MacKerricher & Friday we're in the harbor for the day. It has been a blast!
Photos from Sarah Grimes during camp's visit to the Crow's Nest on Tuesday, June 18th.
Who's who?
Staff, Volunteers, & Board

This section will profile one person from each aspect of our organization.

I'm thinking of these three aspects (staff, volunteers, & Board) as the legs of a stool--without any one of them, our stool would be unstable. All together, we create the structure that supports the incredible work of this organization--work that makes a huge difference in this community, and work that changes the world. So, let's get to know who makes up each of these important legs!

I know some of you have been here for a long time and are well-known--but I am new! And I'd love to get to know you all more. And even if you think that you are already known, I'm sure that there is something more we can learn about you :)

Possible questions to answer:
How did you get here?
What do you want to share with the team?
What inspires you to be a part of this organization?
Why are you here?
Who is you spirit marine animal?

Email me and let me your answers to these questions--or whatever else you want to share with the group! Looking forward to connecting more with each of you. And if you don't email the questions, sometime when I see you I will ask you in person 😊
Media Corner & Appreciations
My idea for this section is two-fold:

1) Share any relevant news articles pertinent to our Coast &/or marine ecology broadly
2) Send out specific appreciations to our team members!

If you want to show someone that they are seen for their work & that it is appreciated--please send me "the who & the what" and I will feature them in the next bulletin.

This week, they just happen to be related! (But they don't necessarily need to be).

Thank you, Sarah! Thanks for being out there with boots on the ground engaging with these marine animals.

Who's next?? Send me your Noyo Center team appreciations and I'll feature them in an upcoming bulletin (maggie@noyocenter.org)
Okay, folks! That's all for now. More coming your way in a couple of weeks! - Maggie