Latest News
Hi my friends!
It has been a bit but here we are again! We would like to update you on our latest news. Get comfy since we have a couple of big things to tell you. 

To begin with, we want to wish you the best for 2012. God willing this year will be filled with happiness, health, strength and love for all of you. I know it is a little delayed but I promise we have not forgotten about you all.

Since coming back from our local holiday break, Bessie and I have been quiet but working very hard... and thanking God for the wonderful winter, because usually we're the ones shoveling.

But you may wonder, "where are they now?" Let me tell you that we are still at the gas station! and here are the two main items.

*****                                                             *****
Our first great news of the year is that YES, we reached our goal of $5,000 in KickStarter and we made it thanks to our wonderful backers.

We appreciate you so much for spreading the word, donating, and encouraging us through two months of fundraising. This money, as we explained, is being used to pay our legal and permit fees associated with our move. Trust me, it's a biiiig help.

We made our goal!!!

We received the funds and the report of all the backers in the middle of February. That is why we could not get in touch to you sooner. In addition, we have had meetings about the move with our lawyers and supporters nearly every week; leaving us with little time to complete all the pledge rewards. For this, please accept our apologies, but expect to hear from us very soon.

We have not taken the finger off the little spot on Grove Street because, well, we still have nowhere else to go. We have also been reaching out to the neighborhood to work together to build a better street. Fingers crossed it works out; we are very blessed with continued support from you, people at city hall, our legal team and landlord to-be.

Which brings me to the second piece of news.

*****                                                             *****
We heard this week that the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) is scheduled for
March 27, at 10:30a.m.
It will take place at City Hall, in room 809-A.

As you may know, in these hearings we need to have not big- but HUGE support. All of you are invited to attend, perhaps even voice your opinions. This day is crucial for us because: 1) either we get the variance permit to move into 12 Grove or 2) we go out of business in Beacon Hill.

Please my friends, I personally ask you to grace us with your presence at this meeting. Your voices are the most important. In case you cannnot attend in person, you can also write a letter to the ZBA expressing your thoughts. The one we supply above is an example but feel free to use it as is, if you'd like.

*****                                                             *****
As you can see my friends, things have not been easy. Dealing with a lot of stress, decision-making and everyday issues gave me no time to say hello earlier. Be sure, however, that we never forget how important you are in our lives.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for the big friendships that you grant my daughter and me. We are here and would love to see you while the next chapter gets finalized.

God bless you always.
With lots of love,
Julie & Bessie


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