April 2011 

    ArtLoveMagic is proud to work with so many of Dallas' most talented artists and performers. A lot has changed on the scene in the nearly 5 years that we've dedicated our lives to this. We continue to be blown away by passionate people. On this page, we'd like to give you a closer look at a few artists we'll be working with in upcoming events.

Jason Kinney
the work of Jason Kinney 


the work of Jason KinneyJason Kinney's pencil work often fools the eye into believing that you're looking at a photograph. But his live art at our shows has proven he's simply applying talent and time (and a pencil you could pick up in any office supply store) to create his masterpieces. 


We recently ran a spotlight profile of Jason on our blog and asked him how and why he creates as he does. You can read that here. 


Jason is among nearly a dozen talented artists and performers who will be creating live art at our special ArtLoveMagic Mother's Day event on May 7th. Each artist of this night was hand selected to create a beautiful atmosphere that each Mother and her entire family could enjoy and remember. Tickets are only $10 ($5 for kids) and can be purchased now at  Only 100 tickets total are available for this experience.  


Creating live alongside Jason that night will be an array of local performers that includes poet Will Richey, musician Eric Tipton, fire painter Josh Dryk (painting alongside his mother), painter Dehvon Ward, and many more. See the full list of performers at the event's facebook page.  


check out the Mother's Day facebook event page here   


check out Jason's personal website here 




At it's best, underground hip hop can inspire through the combination of positive verse combined with beats that automatically make your head bob up and down. That's one of the reasons we so love Dallas' MC Playdough. His incredible production and delivery combined with intelligent and often hilarious lyrics give you reason to replay his work over and over.  


You can sample tracks from his previous release Don't Drink the Water here on Amazon. But more importantly... (drumroll) you can hear the newest tracks live at his Hotdoggin' cd realease party on April 29th. ArtLoveMagic is proud to support this night with live art from our crew. Artists like Samax Amen, Kelsey Kincannon, Joe Skilz, David Rodriguez, Lawrence Alexander, Josh Dryk, Khalid Robertson, and more will be on hand creating live art.  And we invited local live art experiment the Just.Us.League to create alongside us.  


Friday April 29th be an incredible night of music and art, and a night to remember for the Dallas hip hop scene. You can check out more details and the entire lineup of performers at the facebook page.  

check out the facebook event page here  


Also... Playdough and his DJ Sean P will be our guests on our live talk radio show.
Tune into at 2pm this Friday (April 22nd) to hear the live broadcast.


  Karen Blessen 


Karen Blessen's vision for her 29 pieces project is all about an overwhelming sense of scale. 29 sculptures, many of the as tall as 50 feet high, inspired by sacred verses, will be constructed and shown in a single location.  


Karen's achieved big things before. She oversaw a large portion of the millennium celebration for Times Square in NY, she's traveled to Africa as an advisor for Save The Children, and was the first graphic designer ever to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize (not bad, Dallas). 


These days she runs art activism programs through local schools and works towards the achievement of her 29 pieces project. We were proud to have Karen as a guest on our most recent live radio broadcast. Unfortunately an audio error cost us to loose some sound, but the majority of Karen's interview is intact and it's very inspiring. Please follow this link and advance the timer to around 18:35 in in to hear this thurough interview on Karen and her work.


We're very happy to announce that Karen Blessen will be a featured artist in this year's girlShow. girlShow, our annual celebration of local female talent will take place on Saturday, July 23rd at Life in Deep Ellum. For just a bit more inforamation about the show (it's early), you can read this recent blog post by Deborah Driscoll here. 



To learn more about Karen Blessen and her work, check out these sites: 


The Calendar 

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Playdough: Hotdoggin   CD Release Party

A banner night for the Dallas hip hop scene. Playdough, ArtLoveMagic and The Just.Us.League. unite for one night of live art and music.

9pm-2am at the Green Elephant

5627 Dyer Street Dallas, TX 75206


And... three events in one weekend???

You gotta come out and help us stay sane! 


Friday - May 6th

Art & Coffee Open Mic

The open mic returns. Live art, live music, live poetry. Free to attend.
7:30-10:30 pm   at IT'S A GRIND   2901 Indiana Blvd. Dallas, Tx. 


Friday  May 6th 


We're proud to contribute live art to this amazing show dedicated to under 21 poets. If you are, or know of, a young person who would love to get connected to the local art scene, this is an amazing FREE event that you should attend.           
7pm - 10pm    at LIFE IN DEEP ELLUM 

2803 Taylor St. Dallas, TX 75226


Saturday May 7th

Mother's Day Show 

Once a year ArtLoveMagic throws a unique show dedicated to Mom. This is an amazing gift for your family. Tickets must be purchased in advance at

6-9pm at The Egg & I    15203 Knoll Trail Drive   Dallas, TX   


And... out there... on the horizon...could it be?  


Saturday July 23rd 


The next MAJOR artlovemagic production. Our annual celebration of the talented women of Dallas. More details coming soon.
8pm - midnight    at LIFE IN DEEP ELLUM

2803 Taylor St. Dallas, TX 75226



Other local art events you should know about this weekend...

Thankfully, we're not the only people in town doing cool stuff. Here are a few events coming up thrown by other local crews that we think rock...


Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Give your Gift : Celebrate more birthdays with the American Cancer Society

Local performers like Goat, Sarah Zamora, Zachary Scott Pohl, and Cody Phillips have signed on to produce live art for this cancer benefit at Arnetic in Deep Ellum.  


Check out the event's facebook page here


Live Comic Art Jam and Auction: Benefitting the Red Cross' relief efforts in Japan

Comic book artists unite. The might Zeus Comics and Toys have put together this charity jam that features artists like James O'Barr, Joe Eisma, and Kristen Donaldson creating live art that you can buy on site. Good cause + good art = good times.


Check out the event's facebook page here 


  The Deep Ellum Arts Festival

 2011 was a banner year for the DE Arts Festival. The talent on hand was some of the best ever and the fest was packed by happy attendees all weekend long. We had such a good time, we covered it twice:


  Click here to read the report by our producer Deborah Driscoll with photos by Heather Alley

Click here to read the report by our founder Michael Lagocki with photos by Kelsey Paine.   


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