Well, 2018 is upon us and COWA is gearing up for a great year.  
We have scheduled trainings and a membership drive underway!

Here is our calendar of events so far. Click a link to register or learn more. Make sure you don’t miss out on our member discount before you register – see below
OWTS Operations & Maintenance Training - Napa CA - January, 29-30th
OWTS Inspector Training - Malibu CA - February 5-6th
OWTS Operations & Maintenance Training - Malibu CA - February 7-8th
OWTS Installer Training - Malibu CA - February 9th
OWTS Installer Training - Napa CA - February 21st
OWTS Inspector Training - Napa, CA - March 7-8th
MEMBERSHIP MAKES A DIFFERENCE… JOIN US! Don’t miss our early-bird special for a 5% discount (expires January 31 st).
Benefits of Membership
Discounts on Training and Events: COWA and NAWT approved training courses are available at a discounted rate. Members are also eligible for discounts at the annual Localizing California Waters Conference; the interdisciplinary hub for the best and brightest in California water resources. 
Advocacy: We are working behind the scenes to represent the industry to legislators and policy makers to cut through red tape, write legislation, allocate grant monies and more. We also work with various state and local enforcement agencies to identify best management practice and pave the way for a clear and streamlined permitting process.
Referrals Correspondence: Our new and improved website will have features to improve visibility and facilitate communication with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders. We are working toward improving public awareness and business development for onsite water practices.
Expertise:  Our “Members only” section allows access to industry leader professionals and online discussion forums.
News and Updates:  We’ll keep you up to date on changes to legislation, coding and industry news.
The COWA Coalition:   The Coalition is a diverse group of stakeholders involved with on-site water reuse working to strengthen and amplifies COWA’s message and garner statewide support for increased on-site reuse, with the outcomes of: water security, diverse water portfolios for increased resiliency, protecting watersheds, and reducing energy consumption in the water sector. The steering committee meets quarterly and oversees working groups for each onsite technology.