uGO June Update

As we enter June and reflect upon the state of our city and country right now, we pause. Recent events including the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Desmond Franklin bring to light the threat that racism poses to the basic health, safety and well-being of the black community. The team at uGO recognizes the pernicious impact of systemic racism an d stands with the efforts of protesters bringing this conversation to the forefront. With a commitment to doing its part to dismantle systemic injustice, uGO will continue to advocate for change, engage the community, and communicate transportation information.

While we continue to share important updates, our team is deep in reflection. Black Lives Matter.
CircleLink's New COVID-19 Safety Protocol

All passengers aboard University Circle shuttles, including the CircleLink shuttles, are required to wear a mask while riding. While waiting for the shuttle, maintain at least six feet between you and others waiting. Heed the on-board safety messaging and sit at least six feet apart while riding. Read more about changes to service hours on our shuttle page.
Three-Foot Passing Law

Between nicer weather and people looking for safe, physically distant exercise opportunities, Clevelanders are biking in record numbers. Remember that Ohio law requires three feet between a passing motorist and a bicycle. Keep in mind, it is legal to cross the double yellow line while passing a cyclist. If there is an oncoming vehicle or not enough room to pass with three feet, motorists need to wait. Please keep in mind that bicyclists may use the full lane. This Cincinnati news coverage from when the three-foot law passed in 2017 provides a good demonstration of what this looks like on the road.
Bike Match Program

Our friends at Bike Cleveland recently launched Bike Match, a platform that connects people who need bikes with people who have a bike they are no longer using and can part with permanently. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program prioritizes recipients who are in need of reliable transportation to make essential trips. The first Bike Match program was started by  Transportation Alternatives  in New York, and the idea has since expanded across the globe.

Do you have a bike or need a bike? Head to for all of the details and a complete FAQ section.

The Greater Cleveland RTA is looking for feedback from riders regarding their ridership experience before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether or not you've been riding RTA lately, please take a moment to fill out the survey.
Pandemic Response - Reallocating Streets and Parking

In line with actions cities across the world are taking to adapt streets and public space to accommodate safe physical distancing between people in light of COVID-19, Cleveland City Council introduced legislation on June 3rd that will allow Cleveland restaurants to temporarily expand patio seating into on-street parking spaces, streets and parking lots.
Did you know?
  • Many cities are seeing decreased levels of cars on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent Ohio State University study shows evidence of increased speeding on Cleveland roads. Read more here.
  • Last winter, we circulated a survey to collect feedback on the City of Cleveland's shared mobility program. We uploaded a summary of survey results to our About page.

In case you missed it!
  • Greater Cleveland RTA's service is still reduced by 15%. Several University Circle routes are affected including the red line and HealthLine. Track your bus or train with the Transit app, and check updated schedules on RTA's website.
  • Bike Cleveland is still looking for public feedback as part of their Connecting Communities plan. Public feedback into the plan will be used to guide Bike Cleveland's advocacy. You can fill out the survey here. They've also shared more information about the plan through a recorded webinar Bike Cleveland created here.
  • As part of the City of Cleveland's Vision Zero initiative, you can report close call road safety incidents with this form. City of Cleveland public safety staff regularly review submissions.

To view active transportation alerts in University Circle, click here .

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