Enjoy great food while
supporting a great cause:

GRAND EVENT 2021 virtual

June 10th 2021 @ 7pm!
We LOVE having your support and hope we can count on your sponsorship this year!

Your sponsorship will celebrate nearly 30 years of improving our members' lives via a strong, vibrant community, paid employment with quality employers, schooling, recreational and cultural programming.

Your sponsorship will also support the development of more employment opportunities for GAC members, an increase in members pursuing post-secondary education, and the resumption of our much appreciated evening, weekend, and holiday programming as pandemic precautions recede throughout 2021 and 2022.

This year, sponsorships are available at the following levels:

Pal- $250
Buddy- $500
Loyal- $2,500
Grand- $10,000 +

All sponsors will be recognized throughout the event, on our website, and in the fall edition of our newsletter, The Phoenix.
Join us for dinner!

Sponsors of $1,250 or more will receive a Glorioso's food and wine basket as a gift from the appreciative colleagues of GAC.
Sponsorships can be purchased by:
  • Check

Make check payable to

Grand Avenue Club- Grand Event 2021 and mail to:

210 E Michigan St Milwaukee, WI

---memo: how the sponsorship is to be recognized publicly
  • Online
  • Requesting an invoice
Please join us!
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PHONE: 414-727-3372

EMAIL: abigail@grandavenueclub.org