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Your Quarterly News & Updates
15 June 2017, Revised 19 June 2017
Are YOU where YOU want to be?
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Here we are in the 6th month of 2017, how are you?

Are you hitting your goals? Abandoned them? Restructuring or adjusting?  Please be in motion - headed in a positive direction.

The best strategy for you is to stop and think before you launch out this time.  Is what you are doing or going to be setting up essential to you, your business or your family's well being?  Essential - (hmmm), it is strategic to your growth? Is it an intentional decision for the direction you now want to be going in?  If your answer is not " YES" - STOP  Why are you ' still' wasting your time?

By the time of my next Quarterly Newsletter, it will be time to start wrapping up 2017 and plan the unrolling of the journey into 2018.  I hope you will be at peace about the journey. There are always bumps in the road of life; but, are you on the right road? Are you IN YOUR LANE?  That is the  lane you can speed in.

There is plenty of assistance to help you progress on the road you really want to be on. Research (Google, You Tube, etc.); ask people on 'that' road; and/or take a course.  You have to expend the effort - after all, it is YOUR dream, YOUR goal.

If you have any time management concerns, you know where to find me. Just ask. My tips are daily on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (there are 3 different posting on each ... or, did you know that??).  My book ( below) can be a good resource for your time/ project challenges.

I will be starting a new project in September.  My summer project is to write a Time Management Mini-Course.  Research and drafting have begun.
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If you need a great  mileage tracking app, please check out  MilesIQ.  You can tag your trips as personnel or business; make you own categories; and more.

Quote to share:

 " To change your life, you need to change your priorities".  John Maxwell
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