wPOWER Newsletter: January 2018
wPOWER Participation at the International Workshop on Sustainable Rural Bioenergy Solutions
wPOWER participated in the Sustainable Rural Bioenergy Solutions workshop hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) on January 19, 2018 in Nairobi. Speaking during the forum, wPOWER's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dr. Linda Davis, emphasized the crucial role that engaging women in the clean energy value chain plays. She added that both national and county governments, should be included in energy planning and gender mainstreaming across the sector. Read more.

GAIA Impact Fund
The GAIA Impact Fund is an impact investment fund, based in France, that seeks to empower innovative entrepreneurs in the renewable energy space. Gaia Impact Fund specializes in renewable energy investments with a focus on start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and infrastructure projects with a strong social and environmental focus. Their vision is to foster the development of renewable energies by empowering innovative entrepreneurs. Read more.

Meet the women changing the clean cooking landscape in Kenya: Series 3
Lilian Wangeci is an ambitious energy entrepreneur who has tripled her sales of solar products. However, the path to success has not been smooth. Under Energy 4 Impact's two-year  Women Integration into Renewable Energy (WIRE)  initiative (funded by the U.S. Department of State), Lilian was introduced to reliable suppliers, who engaged her as a sales officer. She was also trained on business and marketing skills. Read more .
New study shows clean cooking can lead to increased birth weight in newborns
Globally, over 90% of children are exposed to air pollution above World Health Organization guidelines, with 17 million babies breathing air six times more toxic than the guidelines, according to a recen t UNICEF study. Expos ure to household air pollution from cooking has previously been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes. Read more
WESHINE Campaign by Solar Sister
In 2015, Solar Sister launched the  #WESHINE campaign , with the support of  ENERGIA  and  Show the Good. #WESHINE is the story of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Tanzania who spread light and clean energy where it's most needed. The campaign showcases stories of some incredible women and lessons learned on the unexpected ways they are transforming lives. Read more
Nominate the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year!
The Global Aliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) announced the call for nominations for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for the clean cooking sector. This year, the winner will be announced during the  SEforALL Forum  in May. Do you know a driven female entrepreneur in the energy sector who is working to advance clean cooking solutions? Nominate her today! Read more
Connecting Women Entrepreneurs through Skills Training, Mentorship, and Peer Network
Sponsored by the   Center for Global Enterprise , African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperation is a 12-month training program that builds a pan-African community of women entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to advance their strategy, leadership and business management skills. Those interested in increasing their business management skills are encouraged to  apply  for the inaugural program. Read more and click here to apply.
The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health
No one can escape the dangers.

Exposure to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy has been linked to  miscarriages  as well as  premature birth autism spectrum disorder  and  asthma in children .
Air pollution may damage  children’s brain development , and cause pneumonia, which kills almost 1 million children under the age of 5 every year. Children who breathe in higher levels of pollutants also face a greater  risk of   short-term respiratory infections  and lung damage.  Read more
Africa’s bright prospects for 2018 
By Rachel Kyte

An estimated  600 million Africans  do not have access to electricity that would allow them to be productive contributors to the economy. The same number of Africans also lack access to clean cooking fuels. The good news is that the solutions are not beyond our reach; we need technology, policy and finance to work together. Read more
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