wPOWER Newsletter: May 2018
Sustainable Energy for All Forum, Lisbon 2018
wPOWER joined more than 800 participants for the Sustainable Energy Forum in Lisbon, Portugal. Key highlights in the forum included tracking the progress of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7, gender diversity and women's empowerment in the SDG 7 movement, and spurring energy access and finance in Africa. wPOWER's Strategic Partnerships Director, Linda Davis, PhD, took part in a partner working session on the energy access dividend, exploring what constitutes meaningful data for various stakeholders.  Read more
'Women Lead Change' at the Unnati Global Forum, Pune 2018
wPOWER joined grassroots women at the Unnati Global Forum in Pune, India. The forum organized by wPOWER partner, Swayam Shikshan Prayog, highlighted the capacity of grassroots women to bring about change in their communities. wPOWER's Strategic Partnerships Manager, Simon Kiragu, participated on a panel on the 'Next Generators of Job Creators', exploring women's entrepreneurship at the last mile. Read more
Power for All
Power for All  is a global coalition of more than 200 organizations (business and finance, civil society, academic and public sector) campaigning to deliver universal electricity access before 2025 through the power of decentralized, renewable energy (DRE). Read more
Pollinate Energy
Pollinate Energy is a social business based in Australia and India that has a mission of bringing life-changing products to people who need them the most such as families living in marginalized communities and struggling with energy poverty. Read more
Gender Advocacy Toolkit: A New Guide on Strategic Engagement of Women in Clean Energy
wPOWER has launched a toolkit on gender advocacy in clean energy to address barriers and opportunities for strong advocacy for women across the energy value chain. The toolkit, ‘From Advocacy to Action: Toolkit on Gender Advocacy in Clean Energy’ creates a cohesive and targeted advocacy agenda and is comprised of calls to action on increasing involvement of women in clean energy initiatives. Read more .
ENVenture Launches ENVision mobile
wPOWER partner, ENVenture , a Uganda-based social enterprise incubator, has launched an offline bookkeeping android application called ENVision mobile, for small merchants and street vendors. The application, which aims to transform micro-enterpreneurship, offers features such as inventory management, sales tracking, profit & loss reports, and mobile money payments. Download the app .
New Study Highlights Great Return on Investment for “Empowered Entrepreneur Training”
According to a recent study, the Empowered Entrepreneur Training program has a 116% Return on Investment. In addition, women entrepreneurs who attended the training recorded a 10.3% increase in sales whilst those that did not attend recorded a 5% increase over the same period. The study was conducted by Visionaria to measure the impact of training on women in the clean cooking supply chain in Tanzania. The Empowered Entrepreneur Training was developed by Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, in collaboration with Energy 4 Impact. The training methodology includes tools to build self-confidence, business and leadership skills of clean energy women entrepreneurs. Read more .
Meet Margaret Noor Tiren: Breaking through Poverty Using a Pawame Solar Home Kit
By Anne Njathi and Davina Ngei
Margaret Noor Tiren was born in the conflict-torn area of Mukutani, Baringo County, Kenya (about 300kms Northwest of Nairobi). Despite economic challenges, lack of formal education and relocation due to inter-clan conflicts, Margaret is expanding her business portfolio through innovative use of the Pawame solar homekit leading to increased income and improved livelihood for her family Read her inspiring story here .
Social Enterprises Merge in Search of Scale
By Alex Pan
“Scale” is a nebulous and elusive concept in the social enterprise ecosystem. For any community to make any tangible progress towards achieving its social impact objectives such as energy access for all, and access to clean water and sanitation, the concept of scale cannot be avoided. The recent merger of two wPOWER partners, Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation , provides a new and rarely seen avenue toward scale. Read more .
Accelerating an Impact Industry: Lessons from Clean Cookstoves
By Ted London and Colm Fay
The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) assesses the gap between the current state and the desired state of the industry and develops a roadmap for organizing and rebalancing activities at the global level as well as in Kenya and Bangladesh. The findings on accelerating investment, collective action, profitability, and impact provides lessons for other impact industries attempting to do the same.. Read more .
Energy Goals 2030; We are on track but there is more to be done
The number of people gaining access to power has been accelerating since 2010 to around 118 million each year. However, progress has been uneven, and needs to be more widespread and scaled up if the SDG7 goal of universal access to electricity is to be met by 2030. If current policies and population trends continue, as many as 674 million people will continue to live without electricity in 2030. This is according to The Energy Progress Report 2018, which provides a global dashboard on progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). The report tracks global, regional and country progress on the four targets of SDG7: energy access (electricity, clean fuels and technologies for cooking), renewable energy and energy efficiency. Download Report .
Largest Increase in Renewable Power Capacity recorded in 2017
More than two thirds of global investments in power generation were in renewable power with the sector recording the largest increase in renewable power capacity last year. According to the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report 2018 (REN21’s), 178 GW of renewable power was added globally in 2017 representing a 70% increase. However, despite this notable increase, heating, cooling and transport sectors continue to lag far behind in the adoption of renewable energy. The REN21's Report presents developments and trends in renewable energy markets, industries, investments, and policy developments worldwide. Download Report.
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