wPOWER Newsletter: September 2017

Mark your calendars: The 'Collaborating for Impact' event is a signature gathering of wPOWER global partners and stakeholders to celebrate shared experiences and insights on our collective work in promoting the central role of women in achieving SDG 7. This event comes at a time, when there is greater emphasis and recognition on designing gender-sensitive programs across the energy supply chain. wPOWER’s three strategic priorities on building evidence, sharing best practices, and advocacy will underpin the conversation for this event. Participation is by invite only.

Women’s Earth Alliance ( WEA )
Based in California, Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) has implemented over 100 women’s environmental and entrepreneurship projects in eighteen countries – training, funding, and catalyzing 5,000 women to advance safe water, clean energy, regenerative farming, women’s land rights, and more.  Read more...

Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd. (SEKL)
Sollatek Electronics Kenya  Ltd (SEKL) provides clean and reliable on and off grid energy solutions, on grid division supplies and installs voltage protection range including voltage switchers, stabilizers, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Female entrepreneurship and growing opportunity in Africa
Only 17 percent of American startups have female founders. But, halfway across the globe in tech hubs like Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya, 46 percent of African ventures have a female founder and prospects for closing the gender gap there are high. International investors looking to realize outsized returns and social impact would be well-served to look to the female entrepreneurs
driving Africa's venture growth Read more ...
Solar lighting in remote rural areas: Oversold or truly illuminating?
An estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity, and most resort to kerosene as their primary lighting source. It has been widely asserted that replacing kerosene lamps with solar lighting could offer relief from kerosene’s toxic smoke and high prices; provide better-quality and more hours of nighttime light; and enhance safety . Read more...
Young leaders issue a call for action to African rural electrification agencie s
Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), together with its partners in the Energy Access W ork Stream of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP EA WS), organised a training session for African Rural Electrification Agencies grouped under the CLUB ER. The training addressed rural electrification policy approaches and a deep dive into mini-grid tariffs and business case viability. wPOWER participated in the event. Read more ...
Clean cookstove market needs 'wholesale reappraisal' — Rachel Kyte
The amount of funding going into clean cookstoves in countries where the energy access gap is most pronounced “is not even in the same ballpark” of what is required, according to sustainable energy expert Rachel Kyte, CEO of SEforALL   who said the sector needs a “wholesale reassessment.” Read more...
Clean cooking push suffers from "shocking" lack of funding
Funding to boost the numbers of people with access to electric power and clean cooking is too low to meet the global goal for everyone to have modern, reliable and affordable energy by 2030.
Just over 3 billion people still use traditional, solid fuels like firewood and dung to cook, the latest data shows. Read more...
How indoor air pollution is leading to stunted growth in India’s children
The conversation on air quality has been focused largely on outdoor air pollution. Evidence for Policy Design conducted an analysis of 2005-2006 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) data in India and found strong evidence that the exposure to indoor air pollution from burning solid fuels increases the probability of stunting in Indian children . Read more...
Light and Hope for Puerto Rico: A Citizen Campaign
Hurricane Maria caused severe devastation in Puerto Rico, decimating buildings and crippling power systems. Our partner, Solar Sister  is providing technical guidance and outreach support for ensuring that quality solar solutions reach the Puerto Ricans in need. Read more..

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Partnership on Women's Entrepreneurship in Renewables (wPOWER) was established by the U.S Department of State in January 2013. wPOWER is promoting the central role of women in clean energy entrepreneurship, and in addressing climate change.

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