Let's Talk Transition. Let's Talk Planning.
Why It's Important To Continue the Conversation During Covid-19

As the school year begins to wrap up, transition planning continues.

In this short video, Teresa Nold, SDPC Outreach Specialist, shares some important transition information. Who is a part of that team? What areas should be addressed in the IEP? What supports are available? How can we continue to build skills while at home during this time?
Click here for the information shared in her video or feel free to reach out to talk to a staff member about your student's transition plan.
Transition Tools You Can Use Today
Parents- have kids in middle or high school? Call us and ask for a MyFILE to assist with transition planning! 
My Folder of Information of Life Experiences (MyFILE) is an adaptation of the Folder of Information of Life Experience (FILE) record keeping tool that South Dakota Parent Connection has been distributing to families for many years. It was designed for all youth- regardless of abilities- preparing for transition to adulthood to begin to take responsibility and be engaged in the tracking, handling and organizing of important information about his/her life. Like any skill, youth need the opportunity to practice growing independence in a safe and supportive environment. This tool can assist in a variety of ways—organization of important records, learning the value of keeping key documents, and applying for services and supports. MyFILE is designed to keep current information available as youth/individuals go to appointments, apply for a job, keep track of medications and many additional activities.

TSLP staff are sharing vital information that is typically shared at the Catch the Wave events with educators, students, and families in this video . This information is especially for seniors who are planning to attend a post-secondary program in the fall and who may need to utilize disability services.
Supporting Children and Families

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Extended School Year (ESY)
School is wrapping up. You might be hearing about or having conversations with your child's IEP Team regarding Extended School Year. Below is information to help inform those conversations.

Extended School Year Services Lunch and Learn  View presentation to understand what ESY services are, who is eligible and how that is determined. Questions to ask and consider will be presented and examples of situations in which ESY was determined to be needed and when it was determined not to be needed explored.  Presentation Handout


Looking to do something fun with your teens during this time? Learn a TikTok dance!

We already know that our older kids are spending time on this latest app,  TikTok . It's where dances are becoming viral. Why not learn one of the dances with along them? Sure, you might get a few eye rolls ... but you all will still get a good laugh from it. Or grab the gang and try one of these family tiktok challenges
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