Marketing  & Publicity Weekly Update
March 15, 2019
The Eighteenth Green  9780825308857
  • (03/20) Author Speaking at the Columbia Country Club Distinguished Speakers Event 5:30-9pm.
RED Hotel  9780825308901
  • (02/26) Q&A with Co-Author in Travel Weekly.
  • (03/02) Author interview posted on film-14's website, "14 Questions with Red Hotel Author Gary Grossman."
  • (03/19) Authors interviewing on Coast to Coast ; 10pm-midnight (P DT). 
  • (03/31)  Book signing at Time & Space Ltd; 4pm. 
Address: 434 Columbia St, Hudson, NY 12534

Offline: A Novel  9781732743427
  • (03/13) Review from Foreword Reviews will appear in the May/June Issue:
"Brian Adams's charming and heartfelt young adult novel Offline explores the harm that comes with trading the real world for an online one. Meagan has a real problem. She's not addicted to drugs or alcohol or gambling, but she can't tear herself away from her phone for the life of her. She spends hours swiping, scrolling, and texting. It's beginning to stunt her growth, creating a barrier between Meagan and real, offline relationships. Offline, with its accessible, funny characters and engaging storyline, explores what happens when a seemingly harmless habit takes over someone's life. . . . Meagan's development is at the center of the novel. The at-first deeply superficial teen blossoms into someone who values the complex, tangible world around her. . . . Humorous and earnest, Offline reminds us to unplug and appreciate the things we might miss while buried in our phones."
Symbol or Substance?  9781621642756
Knight of the Holy Ghost  9780999375648
Excerpt: "Ahlquist's biography is a splendid introduction both to the man [Gilbert Keith Chesterton] and to his writing."
The Abolition of Woman  9781621641698
For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent
Excerpt: " Zen does not leave us without hope for the Church, or for the Church in China. He is our hope. He is the voice crying out in the desert, refusing to be satisfied with half-truths or cowardly deference. Like Christians in other countries hostile to Christianity, Zen in his unwavering dedication to God is an example and testament to all Christians."

Smoke City  9781946154040
Excerpt: "Smoke City is a tumultuous journey through the pathological landscape of two scarred yet endearing minds. Rosson sculpts his main characters as ugly caricatures of the human condition and presents them juxtaposed against the poetic, mournful invasion of a ghost menagerie turning Los Angeles into a smoke city. Rosson's Smoke City examines the value we place on the possibility of reincarnation and doggedly attacks the notion of it being a rewarding experience. It shows wisdom for what is a heavy burden; knowing all that there is to know and living with its weightiness.
  • (03/28) Author event: PHANTOM DRIFT AWP Off-Site Event Reading 6:30-8pm. 
Address: Kenton Club 2025 North Kilpatrick, Portland, OR 97217
  • (03/29) Author event: Lilla Lit Bingo AWP Off-Site Event; 9 -10:15pm.
Address: The Big Legrowlski 812 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209
Missing Signal  9781946154118
Excerpt:  "Seb Doubinsky's  Missing Signal  has a brevity about it that shows a masterfully experimental approach. Doubinsky's work is brief, quick-paced and snippet-like; in essence, it is a journal of thoughts where each page, each chapter, is a moment inside a chaotic mind. The experimentation of Missing Signal matches perfectly with the protagonist's state of mind, jumping from thought to thought, building on anxiety and worry, satiating his thirst for paranoia."

Wings Unseen  9781946154002
Excerpt:  "With a romantic conclusion left to the imagination and playing a heavy role, Wings Unseen holds an unspoken promise of more to come ... will appeal to a target audience that adores a sprinkle of romance in their fantasy."

Meet Me in the Strange  9781946154156
Excerpt: " Meet Me in the Strange is a niche speculative story that appeals with its romantic undertones and a retro-futuristic setting. Watts weaves a tale of two music lovers whose relationship is doomed from the start as they battle to have a future."

The Mercy of the Tide  9780996626248
Excerpt: " Keith Rosson times everything perfectly. He makes everyone feel that everything is perfect and redeemable. And then something happens ... What makes this novel really stand out and not be a story inspired by headlines is the havoc it unfolds, thanks to Rosson's creative liberty. He borrows from history to create an alternate fiction that relies on magic realism and plays on emotions. It takes a while for the magic to become apparent but it's clever and silent."

Collision  9781946154170
  • (02/19) Author playlist appeared on Largehearted Boy's website, along with review: 
Excerpt: "J.S. Breukelaar's short fiction collection Collision is filled with stories complex and defiant of genre, each one guaranteed to shock and amaze."
Excerpt: "Collision is a wonderful collection of complex tales that cross genres in ways that are never fully expected at the beginning but always fully realized by the end. The boundaries between different styles are as porous as the boundaries between worlds, but each aspect is precisely organized and elevated by Breukelaar's versatile and vital techniques. It's no stretch to say there's something for everyone here, but we can go further and say there's something for every version of everyone, even as they shift and change."
Excerpt: "Breukelaar's stories are fueled with gorgeous darkness, often thematically heartbreaking and always nothing short of amazing.
  • (02/28) Interview with author and Vol. 1 Brooklyn.
  • (03/28) Author event: "Collision: J.S. Breukelaar in Conversation with Angela Slatter" 6pm. 
Address: Kinokuniya Sydney Lvl 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney, Australia 2000

Congratulations to the following Publishers/Titles on being named Finalists in the 2018 Foreword Indies!

Title ISBN
Smoke City 9781946154163
Meerkat Press
Seeking Hyde
Beaufort Books
 Missing Signal
Meerkat Press
Science Fiction
 The Eighteenth Green
 Beaufort Books
Thriller & Suspense
Coming of Age
Green Writers Press
Autobiography & Memoir
Don't Get Too Excited
Green Writers Press
Finding God in Ordinary Time
Green Writers Press

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