Marketing  & Publicity Weekly Update
Oct 19, 2018
Girl Boner 9781944995713
I Am Yours 9781948705110
Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only 9781944995737
  • (10/12) Appearance on Bold Moves with Mandie Brice podcast. 
The Hawkman 9781944995676
  • (10/22)Reading and signing scheduled at the Roland Park branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library; 6:30 pm.

Address: 5108 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

The Kitty Committee 9781944995751
The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger 9781944995478
Going Places 9781944995539
Excerpt: " Going Places is funny, brash, heartfelt, mysterious, gripping, poignant, and human. It is everything you would want from a tale about growing up, and then some. I spent most of the novel laughing out loud and finished it in tears. I felt every emotion on the spectrum, mainly because the characters mirrored real people so exquisitely."

The Eighteenth Green  9780825308857
Address: 2727 Prytania Street New Orleans, LA 70130
Robert's Rules  9780825308772
Women of Southie  9780998623184
  • (10/30) Authors participating in the Jewish Book Month Speaker Series: 7pm. 
Address: Jewish Community Center of the North Shore.  4 Community Road, Marblehead, MA 01945

Red Stocking Society  9781732258402

Black Autumn  9781948035170
Excerpt: " Black Autumn could be a revelation of what is to come. The catalysts of the novel are based on scenarios much of our population may scoff at, but others, foresee as a certainty. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, Black Autumn is a chilling portrayal of humankind's possible future, and one that readers will not easily be able to put down without asking, 'Am I ready?'"
Darling Girl  9781732266247
Coming of Age  9780999499597
  • (9/18) Review on Vermont Woman:
Excerpt: "With Coming of Age, Madeleine May Kunin continues in her role as bearer of light for women everywhere. This time, she holds the lantern while walking gracefully, passionately and authentically toward her final years. Like the woman herself, Kunin's memoir is exquisite."
Finding God in Ordinary Time  9781732081536
Address: The Newman Center 409 Trinity Drive  West Chester, PA 19382
One Man's Maine  9780998260426
Excerpt: "Jim Krosschell's book, One Man's Maine, is both thoughtful and provocative. Published by Green Writers Press, a Vermont based publisher whose mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal, the book is all of that." -George Smith
Collision: Stories by J.S. Breukelaar  9781946154170
Excerpt: "J.S. Breukelaar's Collision is speculative fiction that crosses genre. It is a medley of fantasy, horror and science fiction-now and then in a single story, as in 'Rogue Bay 3013', with its lethal angels and engineered beings, and in 'Like Ripples on a Blank Shore', the closing novella about sentient hosts on rampage in Deerport. "  

The Abolition of Woman  9781621641698
A Bloody Habit  9781621642060
Why Humanae Vitae Is Still Right  9781621642664
  • (10/30) Interview scheduled with This is the Day; live interview, 10:40 am (ET). 


Calm in Chaos  9781621642367
Why I Don't Call Myself Gay  9781621640721
The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch  9781621642329
Heroism and Genius  9781621640141
  • (10/17) Interview scheduled with EWTN Live; 8 pm (ET). 
Humility Rules  9781621641490
Excerpt:  "Father Augustine Wetta provides the tools to lead readers to a life of greater humility."
Building the Benedict Option  9781621642176
Excerpt: "Leah makes it clear that this book is only the beginning of her own work in fostering BenOp community. She envisions a future in which Christian families in an urban setting could share townhouses together-sharing meals every day, praying regularly together, and helping care for each other's families. In many ways, the end goal of this book is a return to an ancient sort of multigenerational living which breaks apart the nuclearization of (Christian and) secular America in order to foster something we've lost to the tides of modernity."
Excerpt: "Leah's book is intended to do a very specific thing: offer a basically hopeful perspective on the possibility of Christian community in today's western world and to give us some practical ideas on how to realize that life. And by that standard the book is a great success."

Rethinking Mary in the New Testament
Moonshots  9780999736401
" In this debut book, an entrepreneur views intellectual capital as securing the world's future.

"Jain's enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial mindset permeates a potent volume that is both a futuristic look at innovation and a recipe of sorts for success. Part One of this elegantly written treatise deeply explores in the broadest possible terms the thought process of the entrepreneur. The author makes a solid case for the entrepreneur as an imaginative visionary. Jain, a serial entrepreneur, celebrates in particular those magnates who take "moonshots," or reach for the impossible. He believes they "will emerge as leaders of the new world order," a bold if not wildly audacious prediction. Equally daring are some of Jain's educated guesses as to where entrepreneurial thinking will take readers in 30 to 50 years, examples intended to demonstrate exciting possibilities rather than accurately predict the future. The author waxes poetic about intellectual curiosity, motivation, perception, and wisdom, but none more important than imagination-all elements embodied in the moonshot entrepreneur. Parts Two and Three of the book are shorter but no less enticing. Part Two concentrates specifically on health care and education, two areas in which Jain thinks moonshots are sorely needed. Here, his pertinent illustrations are creative, stimulating, and thought-provoking; for example, his idea to "make illness 'optional' " is discussed in the context of Viome, a company he founded, which works in the microbiome space. Part Three is an exhortation for entrepreneurs to have "an openness to radical possibility" and to strive for moonshots, with some helpful advice for how to do so. "As long as you continue to learn," advises the author, "you never really fail." The "ten takeaways" offered at the end of Jain's volume-written with Schroeter (Between the Strings, 2004, etc.)- encapsulate his thoughtful counsel. The prose conveys breathless, almost soaring optimism; the book exudes an infectious passion for the role of the disruptive entrepreneur in meeting the world's challenges. There is so much genuine wisdom in this work that it is hard not to come away impressed with the breadth and depth of Jain's insights.

"An exuberant, mind-expanding, and at times enthralling call for inventive entrepreneurs."
  • (10/17) Selected as one of the Indie Best Books of the Month for December 2018. 

The Secret of the Santa Box  9781732139145
Address: 34904 Emerald Coast Pkwy Suite 118  Destin, FL 32541

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