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Feb 22, 2019
Rattlesnake & Son  9781932926668

Prospect for Murder  9781932926453

RED Hotel  9780825308901
  • (02/18) Book trailer was post on Film 14's website
Nemesis  9781943075508
Excerpt: "Critique: A deftly crafted saga of a novel by an author with a genuine flair for originality, attention to historical detail, the creation of memorable characters, and an inherently page turner of a read with more twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster, Joe Yogerst's "Nemesis" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to community library collections."
  • (03/03) Author attending Tucson Festival of Books; author panel "Any Time is Crime;" at 1pm. 
Address: Student Union Tucson Room; University of Arizona. 1303 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719.
Looking for Garbo  9781943075553
Excerpt: " Drawing inspiration from Greta Garbo's comment that because Hitler was a big fan of hers, she might have had an opportunity to assassinate him, as well as reporter Seth Moseley's impromptu interview with Garbo aboard an ocean liner, Miller crafts a historical yarn that asks, What if Garbo had actually tried to carry out a plan to kill Hitler? Aspiring documentary filmmaker James Main travels with his crass boss to Connecticut to interview Seth Moseley, who is dying of emphysema, in the hope of extracting a story he's kept secret for decades. But when Seth's tale appears to be a hoax made up to get attention, James' boss fires him and storms off. When injured, James winds up in the hospital right next to Seth, where Seth reveals the true story of his hunt for Garbo on the S.S. Athenia , which involved a romp with a sultry Swedish barmaid, impersonating a porter, and eventually coming face-to-face with the movie star, along with several Nazis. Screenwriter Miller's first novel is an entertaining and spirited, old-fashioned caper."
Love, Sex & Mushrooms  9781732081529
  • (02/06) Seven Days ran an interview with the author. 
The Secret Lives of Glaciers  9780996267670
Darling Girl  9781732266247
Excerpt: "In Darling Girl, Watkins writes a story that needs to be both told and shared. The story is one of heartbreak and love. The story is one of joy and sadness. The story is DG's and the reader's life is richer for having shared in it. . . . Watkins writes with an honest clarity and a piercing truth that amplifies otherwise silenced voices. Watkins work serves as affirmation for those who suffer and those who suffer along with them. Darling Girl speaks to all of us. DG is no longer invisible. She is strong and powerful. And I am grateful to have shared in her story." 
From Fire, by Water  9781621642022
Excerpt: "[Ahmari's] autobiography is a disarmingly frank and humble account of his spiritual journey; I recommend it particularly to the young men of his generation in the western world; like Ahmari longing to espouse a transcendent cause but temporarily seduced, as he was, by the fashionable idols of the age."

Black and Pro-Life in America  9781621640486
Knight of the Holy Ghost  9780999375648
Target Africa  9781621642152
For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent 
  • (02/18) Video footage of interview with CNS News
Five Proofs of the Existence of God 
To Raise the Fallen  9781621642565
  • (02/20) Article from Aleteia that features Patrick Kenny's interview with The Catholic Current
Alichan   9781949021073
Address: 453 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
Collision  9781946154170
  • (12/05) Listed as one of the "The 15 Most Anticipated Horror Books of 2019" by Max Booth III for
  • (12/31) Review from Barnes & Noble Blog "New Scifi Fantasy We Can't Wait to Read"
Excerpt: "I read Breukelaar's novel Aletheia earlier this year, and she blew me away with a story that took unexpected turns and seduced me with its vivid prose and flawed, compelling characters. It's a book I still think about a lot. Since I love short fiction, I really can't wait to read this collection and see what dark and magical dreams she'll bring to life there"
Excerpt: "Each of these stories stylishly investigates an encounter between characters and forces of otherworldly, or in some cases off-world, hues. But Breukelaar accomplishes much more than that. She delves into how such contacts-which range from the merely glancing to the traumatically concussive-lead to altered perspectives and transformations of the mind, a literary feat of the first order."
Excerpt: "Armless pianists who play in bands, corpse mothers who defend their daughters, talking dogs who maim children, and many more make appearances in Breukelaar's (Aletheia, 2017) terrifying collection. All 12 stories hit the same surreal nerve despite their sometimes vastly different plots, making the transition from one story to another feel like entering an entirely new world. The only predictable element is the collection's overall strangeness, which is something that never gets old. In the titular story, runaway siblings try to reach each other as their world collides with another in the multiverse. In "War Wounds," two boys create the myth of a violent monster in their small farming town, only to be haunted by the creature after it escapes their imaginations. Breukelaar notes that she let go of self-imposed constraints when plotting the particularly unnerving story "Lion Man"-it shows, in a good way. That total abandonment of conventional storytelling is what makes Collision such a simultaneously entertaining and uncomfortable read. Give this to readers who revel in absurdity or enjoy probing the darker side of humanity."
Excerpt:  "J.S. Breukelaar's Collision  transce nds the borders of horror writing by creating fantastical and near real-life world with simple twists that keep them tangible but still impossible to predict. In this short story collection, Breukelaar explores the innate cruelty of man, the uncanny elements of things that sometimes seem unknown, and the things that divide us as a race."
Excerpt: "J. S. Breukelaar is a writer of obvious talent, demonstrated over and over in this collection."
Excerpt: "Breukelaar tackles rejection and misunderstanding head-on by harnessing her wonderfully weird prose and creating an imaginarium from it, one that holds things you've never dreamt could - or should - exist."
The Anatomy of Silence  9781912157105
Excerpt: "A powerful, often uncomfortable and incredibly revealing anthology of experiences and essays about being silent or silenced about sexual violence."

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Red Carpets & White Lies 9780825307027

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