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Jan 25, 2018
RED Hotel 9780825308901
  • (01/17) Gary Grossman's interview with BlogTalk Radio
  • (02/08) Interview scheduled with KLCS-TV Between The Lines (PBS/National/Los Angeles); air date TBD.
Robert's Rules 9780825308772
The Last Days Of Letterman  9781949024005
A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing
Excerpt: "Despite the promise of its title, just three of the 13 short stories in this collection by Vermont author Tim Weed relate to fly-fishing, so I must keep this brief. If like me, however, you rarely have time to devote to a novel, so find the short story format an appealing alternative, this assortment of tales in different scenarios, will not disappoint. Like other talented writers in this genre, Weed is not hampered by the brevity of the medium; forced to set up punchlines so swiftly that they become apparent long before the closing paragraph. 

"His dénouements are unpredictable and sometimes even merely hinted at, leaving the reader to fall back on his or her own imagination as to how the tale ends, which sounds frustrating but is actually quite a tantalising device.

"And if you know a fishing guide who's experienced the guiding day from Hell, you should buy him/her this book for 'The Afternoon Client' story alone, as long as you're satisfied that it will prove cathartic rather than inspirational..."
Aesop Lake  9780999499528
  • (01/20) Reviewed by Amanda Caverzasi in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators magazine in Illinois, Prairie Wind:
Excerpt: ". . . In Aesop Lake, Vermont based writer Sarah Ward looks at bullying, sexual assault, and gay rights through Aesop's Fables. Taking care to avoid preaching, Ward makes morality something to be talked about. . . . the story of Leda Keogh, who witnesses a violent hate crime against two of her classmates, a gay couple. Alternating between Leda's perspective and Jonathan's, one of the victims of the hate crime, Ward's story explores what it takes to find courage and speak the truth. . . . Using fables that don't preach ensures that Ward doesn't alienate her readers, but rather invites them in. . .  while we expect Leda to change from the opening of her novel, Ward still manages to keep us turning the pages, eager to see how Leda's story will end. This is a testimony to Ward's superb pacing and ability to sustain the tension for the 204 pages of her book."
While Glaciers Slept  9780996087261
Black and Pro-Life in America  9781621640486
  From Fire, by Water   9781621642022
To Raise the Fallen  9781621642565
  • (01/22)Catholic Culture ran a story on Fr. Willie Doyle that mentioned the book.

Doors in the Walls of the World  9781621642282

Building the Benedict Option  9781621642176

Subverted  9781586177966
  • (01/15) Live Action posted its video interview with Sue Ellen Browder

The Walls Are Talking  9781586177973

A Bloody Habit  9781621642060
Excerpt: " It is the love that the author demonstrates for the Catholic faith and the fine tradition of the Dominicans that this novel should be read. I can only hope that Mrs. Bourg Nicholson will grace us with a sequel with Father Thomas Edmund Gilroy, or even offer her readers an "extended universe" where we might read of the exploits of the Franciscans versus werewolves (or maybe even we poor diocesan priests battling Frankenstein's monster!)."
Excerpt: "The novel is, in some respects, an homage to Stoker-every chapter begins with a quote from Dracula and characters make frequent reference to the novel, culminating in Stoker himself making a cameo appearance towards the end. But mostly, it's a novel of suspense and action, a grand adventure story told with imagination and faith in grace. Thankfully, the intertextuality is handled deftly and does not distract from the plot. In less skilled hands, it could have made things campy or made the similarities seem excessive."

Licensed to Lie  9781732767607

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