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March 1, 2019
Beaufort Books
  • (02/28) Was included in a satirical article from New York Magazine titled "Exclusive: All 10 of Michael Cohen's Secret Book Deals"
RED Hotel  9780825308901
No Common War  9781936364299
"Luke Salisbury's stunning Civil War novel  No Common War brings America's bloodiest war to life through the eyes of a father, a son, and those who care about them.
Mason Salisbury, a staunch abolitionist, has seen the cruelty of slavery first hand. His son Moreau, called Ro, is an equally staunch pacifist-until he befriends a runaway slave. After Fort Sumter, Ro enlists and marches off to war with other young men from his small town in upstate New York.

"Though it is narrated by both son and father, Ro emerges as the book's main character. Also taking the stage are his mother; Merrick, his cousin and fellow soldier; Helen, the girl he leaves behind; his uncle Lorenzo; and several fellow soldiers with whom Ro grew up and forms tight bonds. These characters are drawn from Salisbury's family stories; they are dimensional and complex from the first, and anxiety over their fates propels the story.

"The text recreates battle scenes in granular detail, etching them in acid. It captures the isolation of soldiers within their own tiny cadres, picnickers who turn up to watch the first battles but leave disappointed at the lack of fierce fighting, and families traveling by wagon to battle sites in hopes of identifying and retrieving their dead or wounded kin. Such sharp details build a sense of realism that ratchets up tension each time Ro and his comrades take the field.

"The effects of the war on families at home are clear, too. Those who leave to fight never return the same, and the North is seen mourning for its lost innocence just as the South does. The book perfectly captures the pitch of the national upheaval and its emotional traumas.

"Beautifully written,  No Common War ranks as one of the best war novels in decades."

Looking for Garbo  9781943075553
"In Jon James Miller's heartwarming noir  Looking for Garbo, James is dying for a unique story to build a documentary around. Seth, who's dying of emphysema, lures James in with a tale centered around legendary actress Greta Garbo and her connection to Adolf Hitler. Seth's story seems too good to be true, but after a freak accident leaves both men in the same hospital ward, James manages to pull the truth out of Seth. What follows is a strangely compelling adventure rife with violence, sex, and genre tropes.

"The foreword indicates that Miller drew upon historical facts and a personal connection for his text; he spoke with the real-life Seth. Expanding on the premise of Garbo's connection to the dictator with a lively cast of characters, the story alternates between Seth's romantic narration of his adventures aboard the  SS Athenia and James's present-day drive to complete his movie and find an emotional resolution.

"Seth and James shine in their roles. Seth begins as a charming scoundrel, but his realness and flaws are revealed. James is fleshed out more slowly--most of all when he begins a relationship with his nurse. Over the course of the story, James and Seth--initially tied together by their adoration of Greta Garbo--connect in surprising ways, discovering similarities from mother issues to their longing for connection; these lead to a shocking, satisfying ending.

"Seth's tale could almost be considered its own novel. As he recounts his journey with Garbo, the story moves quickly--with more speed, even, than his present day narrative with James. Its elements, including multiple double agents on board the ship and repeated blows to Seth's head, are larger than life. Blending hard-boiled noir and romance into a compelling historical tale,  Looking for Garbo is filled with heart and action."

Cedar Dance  9781773370163
Excerpt: "Told in the first person by Cedar, this engrossing and believable story captures perfectly the angst of a pre-teen trying to find his place in the world. Cedar's story is told with wry, self-deprecating humor while subtly revealing that, despite his doubts about himself and his  dubious athletic abilities, he is very much his own person, stronger and wiser than he is aware. The main characters in this book are pleasingly portrayed as real people doing their best according to their lights ... a fast-paced and intriguing read."
Coming of Age  9780999499597
  • (02/17) Author interviewed on NYState NPR-affiliate, WSKG-FM.
From Fire, by Water  9781621642022
Excerpt: "This is a very readable book and I was fascinated by the continual backdrop of Iranian culture which so often informed Ahmari as to the truth or falseness of different philosophical theories. I really loved the last fourth of the book when names like Robert Alter, Pope Benedict XVI, and Augustine began popping up. Now we were in the same wheel house of intellectual and philosophical influences."

  • (03/14) Interview scheduled with Spirit Mornings; live phone interview, 8:40 am (ET)
  • (03/14) Interview scheduled with Meet the Author; live phone interview 3:30 pm (ET). 
Knight of the Holy Ghost  9780999375648
Rethinking Mary in the New Testament 
The Abolition of Woman  9781621641698
Symbol or Substance?  9781621642756
  • (02/26) Interview with Jon Leonetti in the Morning; live phone interview 8:45 am (ET). 
  • (03/04) Interview with Morning Air; air date TBD. 
  • (03/05) Interview with Driving Home the Faith; live phone interview, 5:09 pm (ET).
  • (03/08)  Interview with Morning Drive; 2:30 pm (ET), air date TBD.
Moonshots  9780999736401
  • (02/25) Winner of the 2019 Axiom Business Book Awards; Gold in Entrepreneurship / Small Business.
The Anatomy of Silence  9781912157105

"The Anatomy of Silence, edited by Cyra Perry Dougherty, comes with a trigger warning but won't apologize for its content. A collection of twenty-six narratives on sexual violence in the United States and globally, it pushes back against a culture of silence that requires survivors to carry the shame and seeks to name sexual violence's articulations and the personal and societal trauma it creates.


"Contributors range from survivors to professionals in the field. The topic is considered from varied viewpoints including survivorship, allyship, complicity, intervention, support, reporting, and advocacy. The stories are similarly varied. Their forms include memoir, essay, reportage, opinion, and poetry, and entries often mix various modes to express sexual violence's inexplicable, pervasive nature


"The book's mission is unambiguous and necessary, yet the mechanisms of trauma create some inherent challenges in exploring and deconstructing this cultural epidemic. One contributor notes, "This is not an experience that can ever be shared in its totality-only fragments can be shown"; another says, "This fragmentation, this feeling, this inability to string words together [is] what trauma does to us.


"Memorable inclusions-like Melissa Dickey's "Misogyny," which recounts internalizing its rules, Lauren Spahn's "Unintended Consequences," about working at the the only sexual assault hotline in her county, Chelsea MacMillan's "This Is Why," about reporting a subway masturbator, and Ashley Easter's "Community of Silence," which looks at complicity in the evangelical Christian community-are resonant, with a strong sense of authorial voice and a specificity that forces consideration, if not outright confrontation.


"Dougherty's broad editorial vision creates space for silence to give way to speaking, allowing for contradictions and paradoxes in service of the larger goal of unearthing how sexual violence survives and thrives, both individually and systemically. At its best, The Anatomy of Silence demonstrates that there's no aspect of society unaffected by this trauma."


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