Weekly Saints' Alive
This Weekly Newsletter provides quick reference information for the members and friends of All Saints. We invite you to find full descriptions, flyers and lots of other information at the:
All Saints Facebook Page - facebook (link)
Website - allsaints (link)
Other future events and details can be found on our Parish website calendar or on Facebook. The calendar can be found on the link below:
Join our Easter Sunday Service of Holy Communion. All are welcome!
(You may begin to log in at 9:45 AM, the service will start at 10 AM)

To join using your PC, lap top, smart phone/device, click on this link:
Password: 007575
To join on your cell phone:
Call 1-646-558-8656 then enter the access code: 190405526#
and then the password 007575# 
To join on a landline:
Call 1 646 558 8656 
Meeting ID: 190 405 526
Password: 007575
Below are three additional Easter activities from the Diocese for you to choose from:
  1.   Godly Play story of Easter  –  If you have children watch this video created by Hannah Graham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix8omG2vg4Q&feature=youtu.be
2. Hang decorated paper Easter eggs in your windows. These serve as a beacon of hope to children and adults out walking on Easter Day.   
3. If you have a printer at home, use  these templates  to decorate eggs and create a paper plate wreath to hang on your door / or virtual Easter egg hunt in the home. If you don’t have a printer, draw and decorate your own paper eggs with any art supplies you have in the home. Be creative!
4   And finally, find a bell or use pots and pans to make a joyful noise at Noon in honor of the resurrection! Go outside and declare “He is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed! Alleluia!”
5.   Be sure to take pictures of your Easter activities and send some to us for the newsletter ( allsaints1692connections@gmail.com ) or text them to Deb Shupe @ 410-231-8150
Announcing the creation of the All Saints Coronavirus Helpline


In an effort to ensure that the members of the parish are getting the support that they need during this health crisis, we have established a Helpline – a special number for members to call during off hours (between 2 PM and 9 AM) if they need assistance in securing food or medicine, or if they just would like someone to talk with them or pray with them. The line will be monitored when the office is closed and your call will be returned in short order by one of our parish volunteers.

Here is the number:  443-684-6115 .

When to use it:
-         If you need help securing groceries and other household items.
-         If you need help in getting medicines and other health aides.
-         If you would just like some one to talk with you or pray with you.

Again, the number is  443-684-6115 . Until further notice, use it during those hours when the office is closed (2 PM until 9 AM the following morning)

If you have a medical emergency and/or need transport to a medical facility, dial 9-1-1.

If you have a pastoral emergency and would like to speak to Fr. Ken, please call him directly, anytime of day or night, at 410-790-1631.

And please, if a pipe bursts, call a plumber, but in all other situations of need, please call the Helpline:  443-684-6115 .

We are all in this together and together we will see it through.

Peace and blessings!

Principle Mission Project

Please take a few minutes to read and respond to LOVC message in Thursday’s email titled Contemplate and Color. It is very important for the future of All Sain0689.ts and calling a new rector. We want each member to have a voice in this significant decision. Be sure to get your email your votes and any comments to Sherrill Munn, Co-Chair of Living Our Values Commission, at  njoydanciin@aol.com  or by direct mail at Sherrill Munn, 5961 Sunderleigh Drive, Sunderland, MD 
20689. If you have any questions about this mission project, Call Sherrill Munn at 410-286-7586.
The Living Our Values Commission very much appreciate your participation in this important process. Your involvement is a great help to the LOVC and a good step to finding God’s will through the collective inspiration of our members.


A friendly reminder! Have you mailed your  COLORful  Easter lily picture yet? If not, as a last resort, you can always get out your crayons, markers, etc. and text or email the completed picture to your person or family today or tomorrow. We hope everyone gets their picture by Easter Sunday. Details for this fun project can be found using this link:  https://conta.cc/3dOAWr2
If you are unable to participate, be sure to let the Parish Family Commission know today. Volunteers will make sure that the next person in the directory gets their joyful,  COLORful  Easter lilies!
For those receiving the pictures, please take a photo and email it to  allsaintsparishfamily@gmail.com , or send it via text to Kelly McDonald (864-556-2555). We will post the creative,  COLORful  pictures in the next monthly newsletter.
An April wine-tasting message from John Overstrom:
I know I said the April wine tasting was cancelled and we are re-scheduling it for June. But, I had second thoughts about totally canceling wine tasting for April. So instead I'm planning to hold a virtual wine tasting on April 19 at 4:00. Of course the format of this tasting will be totally different from our usual approach. So here is what I propose:
Each household uses a wine of their choice, and provides their own hors d'oeurves. Since we are not all tasting the same wine or eating the same hors d'oeurves, each participant gets about 3 minutes (dependent upon how many participants we have) to say hello to everyone, update us on how they are doing, present their wine, discuss it's attributes and explain / describe their food selection. The presentation is intended to be fun, it can be entertaining, interesting, informative, funny, ....it may be all about the wine, or may have little to do with the wine, so be creative. The format is entirely up to the presenter similar to our usual wine tasting.
Instead of our conventional wine voting with cash, we will vote for our favorite wine tasting presentation. The presentation with the most votes wins and their wine wins the honors. The voting criteria is entirely up to the individual voters, but you cannot vote for yourself, and we will not have "Chicago" rules as we do with the cash donations, so only one vote per participant.
The wine tasting group is a major contributor to the church's community outreach via our monthly wine voting, and those outreach missions are on-going during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the sudden rise in unemployment the local food bank is seeing a large increase in demand at a time when they can no longer receive direct food donations, so they are greatly in need of funds to purchase food. Even though the wine tasting group is not contributing in person this month, you can donate to the church's outreach online, and that donation can be directed to specific charities. Here's the link for online donations:  https://app.easytithe.com/App/Form/3a70c052-bc2c-4000-9455-295fac5acdb7 . Click on Choose a Fund and then click on Giving Back to our Community. That will take you to a sub fund dropdown where you can choose your charity of choice.
Please RSVP via email to let me know of your intent to participate, and to receive further details.
A follow-on e-mail will provide the specific details for logging onto the wine tasting, and contributing to the church's community outreach.

As you prepare to join in the celebration of life and light which is Easter, please consider a gift in support of the mission we share and the new challenges before us. No gift is too small, but considering the magnitude and importance of our calling, and the vital role we play as bearers of hope and health and life during this crisis, no gift is too large, either.
Since we cannot gather our Easter offering as usual on Sunday morning, we have made it possible for you to make a special offering by following this easyTithe link:  https://app.easytithe.com/App/Form/0bdb0495-494f-4ef1-a3d0-5383875a746c
Our PayPal account is still valid for those who wish to use that online service: 
And, for those who still prefer the US Postal Service, our address as always, is P.O. Box 40, Sunderland, Maryland, 20689.
The Knitting Group is making arrangements to get together regularly online using Zoom; and, plans are in the works for on-line Parish Trivia and “Jeopardy” play-offs. 

We welcome  everyone’s  ideas for supporting and encouraging each other, and our community. “Ah, but a [person's] reach should exceed [their] grasp, Or what's a heaven for?” (With apologies to Robert Browning).
HEART F.E.L.T. will still function and still needs these items. Pasta sauce with and without meat, pasta sauce w/cheese or white sauce. Small boxes of spaghetti, pasta.
No glass jars please . Cans or plastic jars only. We have a good amount of peanut butter but are low on squeeze bottled Jelly, Jello - type pudding in individual containers, and fruit cocktail or fruit in jello individual serving size packs. Also needed are individual packs of cookies, fruit roll ups, bags of different snacks.  Soups , Canned vegetables, for example: green beans, corn, carrots, mixed vegetables are running low, as well as fruit juice in small containers/individual boxes. We have 20 children in the program this year so please buy in bulk when possible. Thank you for supporting this important ministry.
The 2020 Census is here. The results will shape the future of your community. You can complete the Census today at   https://2020census.gov/en.html . It takes less than 10 minutes to complete!
Those celebrating birthdays in April: