Who knew we would be kicking off the dreamcatchers web this way? We were set to launch this Summer and if you are receiving this note, you know that we have moved our start date up to correspond to the current climate we are all living in.

We believe in our gut that this is our call to action…we can’t sit here and wait for this storm to pass because we know first-hand that this storm will continue to roar professionally long after we acclimate back to our new lives. Throughout our careers, we have formulated a theory that we share with candidates when they start a new job and find that it’s extremely applicable to this new chapter: it takes 3 weeks to nail down a new routine, 3 months to get sea legs/true connection to a new environment and 6 months to really settle in. And though we are praying we don’t have to be in this new normal at the 3 month mark, we do believe we are ready for some 3rd to 4th week structure, accountability, and inspiration…so that at our 6 month review, we can look at the magic we all made together and know that we are better for it.
We will be going LIVE with our dreamMAKERS on our Facebook (@The Dreamcatchers OR @Choice Fashion & Media) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm starting TOMORROW, 4/14. BE SURE TO TUNE IN and pass along to your networks!
Still haven't OFFICIALLY joined the web?

In order for us to track properly, we need you to OFFICIALLY JOIN US !

You have already received directions on how to be part of our web and as a follow-up, have received a Google Form and an invite to our exclusive Facebook group. Our content for web members is meant to be private for our cultivated community, as we are stronger together. If you have not received directions (or can’t find them, forgot, can’t see them, need your hair done), respond to us ASAP so we can hand hold you. Which we don’t mind doing as you have done it for us before.
Feeling thirsty EVERY day like us?

Check out our custom cocktail, curated for us by dreamMAKER and podcast guest Carolyn Cope, aka Umami Girl! Click the picture for the DELISH recipe!

Heather Kushner
Kyra Birnbaum
Terri Atkins Wilson
Mary D’Angelo
Janette Conwell
Liz Sheridan
Michele Mancuso
Cheri Golub
Laura Dengrove
Kiersten Gluck
Kristen Pizzonia 
Laura Belvedere-Pizzonia 

...and counting!

We are proud to announce that we are already at 80+ members...and this is in the middle of a pandemic! Just imagine what we can do together if this is how we started :) Overall, our focus is to grow the web so we can start building and healing. We can’t heal others without all of us collectively rising. Let's do this!


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