When things get tough how do you cope? We've got 10 things for that - see which ones fit you!
By hunkering down?
"Let 'er Buck!" is the theme of Favorite Horse Quotes September 2021 Calendar page that features an image from the Cowgirls coffee table book
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By ignoring?
"Let 'er Buck" is a pretty good mantra, even when it doesn't apply to horses. Or bucking.
Not my Circus, Not My Monkeys is a good reminder that letting the circus (or rodeo) proceed with a dose of detached wisdom might be a good way to handle things.
Or, at the very least, know that the wreck may as well proceed with out your active participation.
Whatever the exact meaning is to you, the idea of not struggling against the inevitable merits consideration.
Guzzle caffeine and tackle a project that's been bugging you?
Sometimes marking the crappiest thing off your to-do list can make the rest of the day less challenging. But how to get started?
QuenchWater Coffee is not just for farriers! "Strong enough to float a horseshoe" can also translate to "Strong enough to motivate you to declutter the kitchen" or "Strong enough to help you power through filing a mountain of paperwork" ...you get the idea.
It's custom roasted and blended exclusively for HoofPrints right here in our home town by a young entrepreneur (using a vintage roaster, no less!) Initial reviews have been excellent; one farrier has already inquired about reserving around 100 bags as Christmas gifts for his clients.

Tastes great. Your results may vary in the productivity / accomplishment department.
Curl up with a good book?
When you're stressed out, you gotta pick the right book.
Otherwise, it can end up making you even more uptight. Titles with intense plots don't relax me, at all. And sometimes that's supposed to be an inspirational read ends up upsetting me, too, as I let it bring into focus my shortcomings as far as coping with my stressors.
Instead, gravitate toward something that's cool, but non-challenging.
COWGIRLS Coffee Table Book is just the thing. It's like a trip to a museum, with accompanying explanations, history, facts and trivia.
I love this one so much that I made it a topic of an entire post on my blog.
Click the button below to see some big pictures and read selected highlights from the book. It's 224 pages; these highlights barely scratch the surface of the content, but you'll learn the story behind quotes like; “I wished wholeheartedly that my long corset was in Hades.”
How about grooming your horse?
It's as good for you as it is for them.
Shown here is a very muddy Billy, modeling his best effort at wearing the entire pasture. My small herd does this. Every. Single. Day. No matter how sleek they look when I've finished grooming, a few minutes in the pasture and they all look like this. It's easy to say; "Why bother?" and I confess, lots of times I don't. But the fact remains, grooming is something most horses enjoy. Anna Blake says it best in her book Relaxed and Forward:
"What my horses tell me is that you can do a lousy, even half-hearted job of grooming, and they still really like it. Therapeutic grooming affirms that you are a source of good and giving, that your hands can warm and ease his body. It affirms your half of the partnership in such a positive way; you are the reward - better than a sweet. He literally feels you are a compassionate leader."
Which brings me to this wonder grooming tool: HandsOn Grooming Gloves are the perfect solution to the shortcomings of every other tool. They are gloves - which means every inch of BOTH your hands can take part in the grooming process, this lets you do a great job AND prevents the hand/wrist fatigue that comes with holding a brush or currycomb.
Click the video link here to see ProHorse Productions' demonstration of how well these work!
By addressing your health maladies?
Dealing with tough times is even harder when you feel like crap.
Here's the only thing that has worked for me, and since I introduced it in the last year, many of you have gotten similar results!
Last yea I sent a newsletter pitching something I never saw myself selling: supplement for people
Now I've entered territory that I never, ever would have predicted... and many of you displayed your confidence and trust in my recommendation by plopping down a LOT of hard-earned money to give it a try. That means a lot. Thank you.

ICYMI - The Full Story: I was one of those people who took my relative good health for granted. Then, at about 50, it all caught up with me. Achy bones, constant fatigue, uncontrollable weight gain, and a whole roster of other hormonal maladies that I'll mercifully spare you from hearing about. Because I knew (allegedly) how to supplement a horse for healthy hooves, shiny coat, etc, I figured there was something I could find to take to perk myself up also. What followed was an epic search and subsequent failure, during which the likes of Dr Mercola and Amazon.com laughed all the way to the bank as I continued my downward spiral of feeling like crap.
Maybe Facebook really does spy on our most private complaints to friends about creaky hips and crepey skin and things best left unmentioned here... because I started seeing posts by a gal who called herself The Hormone Queen. At this juncture I was so jaded by my previous failed attempts to feel better, that it's amazing even to me that I shelled out $150 for that first bottle of this green powder. And for the first time ever, a supplement did something for me besides cause insomnia and turn my pee fluorescent yellow. (sorry, TMI)
And unlike all the other supplements du jour that I'd tried, Genesis Gold has someone standing behind it that actually formulated the stuff, tested it on herself, her patients and her family, perfecting the blend of ingredients along the way.
Deborah Maragopoulos FNP (that stands for Family Nurse Practitioner) has helped so many people feel better that she's developed a helpful 90 day program to ensure success with her product (includes 90 days worth of product ($450 value), a signed copy of her best-selling book ($14.95 value), and a whole hoard of helpful educational materials to support you on your path to feeling a whole lot better. You see, it takes time for your body to undo damage and heal itself. It's a pile of money at $399, but like I NEVER let my horses run out of the stuff they need, I've learned to give myself the same good care.
By drinking?
This stainless steel flask features colorful retro artwork
of a smiling gal and her beautiful Palomino. Why do those pretty smiling women in all the retro images always look like they're gritting their teeth? I have no clue, but this new vendor I discovered noticed it, too, and has paired this particular artwork with a funny horsey saying. The flask is small - just 4 ounces - so a ladylike snort is always at your fingertips.
And it's on sale $13.00 off here.
By seeking?
Author Michael Johnson's quest
to make a competitive roping horse out of a flighty, special needs, mentally challenged gelding is an epic tale of seeking. Even when he tried to give up, forces outside himself would not allow it; "You are like all the rest. You pray for great horse. You say, 'Oh, please give me great horse.' Get one, and what do you do? You say, 'Oh, he's crazy, I can't handle him, I need help, send him to someone else.' HEY! Are you listening? We didn't send him to someone else! We sent him to you!"
By snarking?
Sometimes a little anti-social joke is in order: The story about how I missed the boat and how it won't happen again
The first time I saw Blue Q's I hate everyone too socks, I loved them and I thought HoofPrints' customers would, too. I contacted the rep and made arrangements to set up an account. Then, I chickened out. I've always held HoofPrints to a standard of positivity; a product professing hatred seemed a bit off track. Even though I could relate on a personal level - how this gal and her horse are collectively fed up with the rest of the world. A year passed and I must have gotten grouchier, because when the Blue Q paperwork rose to the top of the pile that time I decided to add their stuff to the Fall flyer. I was disappointed with the results.
NOT because folks didn't love the products (they did). Because a great majority said "I have a pair of these socks!" Even though they weren't marketed by any mainstream horse outlets, friends and family of horse lovers all over were buying these and gifting them to my customers. Yes, I had missed the boat.
Shown here is the I hate everyone too zipper pouch. It also makes a great gift as it can be used to hold other, smaller gift items.
By writing?
When you regret the way you handled something
it seems perfectly sensible to put it in the past; What's done, is done, right? That's exactly what I did with the story of a pretty filly that I bought and later ended up dumping at auction because we thought she was a nut. It wasn't until after her death 20-some years later that I wrote it down, thanks to what can only be considered as the divinely inspired prompting of strangers. What started out as a cathartic blog post and tribute to a misunderstood horse ended up an article in one of the equine publishing industries most circulated titles.
What's on sale?
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