outnumbered by men named john?

Yesterday, the New York Times released their updated and expanded Glass Ceiling Index , which tallies men and women in important leadership roles across society in American. One interesting finding: in some fields and positions, it's far easier to find a man named John than a woman. (Sigh)

Read the full report here . Take a moment. Then let's recommit ourselves to breaking down that glass ceiling once and for all by supporting and promoting Women Owned businesses.

What will you do this week to support Women Owned? Share with us using hashtag #buywomenowned .
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As a kid, Dallas-based designer Lizna Kabani spent time in her grandfather's textile shop and garment factory. Today, she's drawing from that inspiration by creating trendy yet timeless women's apparel, including dresses, blouses, blazers and more, all inspired by today's working woman.
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Co-founder & CEO of NOD Products,
a division of Creative Resources

"Stick with it and reach out to others to create a network of “people like you.” It can be overwhelming at times but being able to talk to others inevitably going through something similar can be best pick me up you can get!"
Women Owned Food Products to Add to Your Grocery List This Week

Whether you're a meticulous meal planner or like to just wing it, make a mental note to add a few of these food products to your cart this week. From cauliflower pizza crust to popsicles, iced tea to salsa, these Women Owned businesses definitely have you covered in the flavor department.
the round up
  • The Score Organization, in partnership with the SBA, released its spring 2018 report: The Megaphone of Main Street: Women's Entrepreneurship.
  • MarketWatch says the end of NBC's Scandal shows the "bitter reality for women-owned businesses"
  • Family Business Magazine calls WBENC Certification a "Succession Advantage."
  • CNBC: The 10 cities where women are the most successful.
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