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Earth Day is right around the corner, and boy does Mother Earth need a little extra love and attention right now. This year's theme for Earth Day centers on ending plastic pollution, which is one of the many environmental challenges we face. Here are some depressing stats: did you know 9.1 billion (with a B) tons of plastic has been produced to date, generating 6.9 billion (again, with a B) tons of plastic waste? And only 9 percent of that has been recycled.

But the good news: there are some amazing Women Owned businesses working to counter this trend. ( See a few of them here . ) Not that you needed another excuse to #BuyWomenOwned, but helping to save the planet is a pretty darn good one.

These innovative businesses are helping us reduce our collective environmental footprint in a variety of ways, from saving trees to reducing plastic waste. This Earth Day, make a commitment to “go green” and #BuyWomenOwned by supporting these eco-friendly Women Owned businesses.
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Founder & CEO of Kakookies

Sue was told by a potential buyer that cookies shouldn't be healthy. We are very glad she didn't take that advice, because the world needs more nutritious and delicious snacks like Kakookies, which are made with super food ingredients, plant-based proteins, and no artificial ingredients.
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This Brooklyn-based producer of organic smoothies and snacks is making it easy to eat your greens. Each bottle of their organic, Non-GMO smoothies contains two cups of kale and spinach as well as fruit, chia and coconut water.  
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  • Morgan Stanley doubles the number of start-ups in a program to develop women and multicultural entrepreneurs.
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