Happy full moon and solstice!... 

I don't know about all of you, but I have been having a bumpy two weeks related to this powerful transition, and I am getting some potent messages about the upcoming eclipses in July (stay tuned for more from me about that soon!... : )

So, in light of this intense time that is ripe and full of incredible potential, I can't imagine a better thing that spending your summer focused on self-love!  (Or your winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!)  And I am thrilled to say I have options to help you do just that!...

Here are a few options for making this, "Your Summer of Self-Love"!...

1.  Super simple, free and easy option:

Just read my blog posts over the summer (since you are on this list you will get them delivered to you!) with an eye on how the material can guide you into deeper self-love, and perhaps take a moment right now to reflect on one thing you could do to make your summer feel more self-loving or to hold your focus there.  Write it down if you like and put it somewhere you can see and revisit it.  Nicely done!

2.  Also super simple, and costs about as little as a single latte per month:

Do the above, plus become a member of my Patreon Project  for as little as $5 a month and receive three special private podcast sessions about self-love over the next three months!  (the first one went out today...after you become a Patron here, visit the posts here to listen to it!)

3.  Diving in all the way!

As a member of my Patreon Project you will also get access to my Essential Self-Love Course, which you could also listen to over the summer to deepen your focus even more fully! 

This isn't about more being better...this is about what would feel best to you!  Which option feels most yummy and not overwhelming or pressured?  ( If you want it all you can join my Patreon project here to get both the podcast and the course, or you can also access just the course with a one-time offering of whatever amount you choose right here!)

Love you all so very much!  I will be back soon with a message about the upcoming eclipse energies!

Love Always,

For your beautiful interest in this work and for being in my world.  Reconnecting the Oracles around the world with their Oracle and Orgasmic nature and each other, in love and self-love, is my purest joy.  Thank you forever for being part of my Oracle family...

Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Posada | The Oracle School & Community | www.jenniferposada.com