December 2010

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Lamar Mckay
Personal Trainer &

Group Fitness Instructor


Mark Darco

Personal Trainer

John Abbinanti
Personal Trainer

Shawn Murphy

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Yoga Instructor

Malenna Saunders
Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Martial Arts Instructor

It's Yours To Keep
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After all, you earned it with your own sweat and effort.  "Do I pay a % or commission for any new clients?" The simple answer is "No." NeighborhoodTrainers does not take a percentage of fees for a new client gained through the site, nor is there any charge for leads.

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the  Blog is here with lots of great information to help you find a trainer, instructor, nutritionist, or massage therapist and then get the most out of your sessions. 

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Trainer Talk:
Overcoming Objections

Prospect: "I don't have a whole hour."

Response: "I understand.  I dooffer very effective 30 minute session for busy people like yourself.  How's your schedule on...?"

What do you think? What would you say? Email us.


Good morning.  As you finalize your marketing plan for January, below are from actual emails received from registered trainers that I thought you might find helpful.  Again, I invite you to set up a NeighborhoodTrainers profile just like they did.

"I have sessions set up with [name] which are scheduled to start next week."
"I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the referral that came through NeighborhoodTrainers.  We exchanged several emails and then he called."
"I sent him an assessment and he has already responded."
Like selling an apartment, you may not get a bid (lead) everyday, but keep the place (your profile page) in good order and you'll get what you're looking for. 

All for as little as $10/ month.
Take advantage of a great promotional code at the bottom to register your fitness business.

I look forward to welcoming you to NeighborhoodTrainers soon.  Email me with any questions.

Happy Holidays!  Enjoy!


Add Your Business Link To Your Profile!

If you already have a site for your fitness business and are looking to increase traffic, you can now post the link on your NeighborhoodTrainers profile page.  This link can lead visitors directly to your site to learn more about you and it is also helpful from an SEO standpoint.  Another value-add when you register on NeighborhoodTrainers.


Getting Back Out There
We're hitting the streets again.  In the fall, NeighborhoodTrainers attended over 15 corporate events involving over 
11,000 employees.  We're looking forward to doing it again and we'll invite you to come along. (Once you're registered on the site:)  Click here to be on the list to receive those invitations.  They'll be handled on a first response basis.

Stay Sharp by "Talking Shop" as an Expert

Newsletters & Blogs can help you establish yourself as a fitness professional with your audience.  A newsletter should allow you to reach a larger group of people ranging from friends, colleagues, and current clients to new prospects, contacts, and casual followers.   They take time, but they can definitely be worth the effort.  Be a part of NeighborhoodTrainers next newsletter.  Register Today!
About Us
"Finding A Trainer is A Personal Choice."  

I have always believed that everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle deserves the opportunity. Being able to bring fitness professionals together with people who need assistance to realize their fitness goals is something I have always enjoyed. is here to help connect people with a personal trainer, yoga or pilates instructor, nutritionist, or dietitian to fit your needs and goals right in your zip code.

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