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LABOR DAY with Anita

September 2011


Welcome to the second Make It Simpler Newsletter

Labor Day 2010 Pineapple Quilt 

Today is Labor Day, a U.S. Federal holiday. I attempt to celebrate all Federal Holidays by sewing. 


It's a double celebration for me because I'll be sewing while I watch Alex, Ricky and myself on The Quilt Show, at home on my computer screenI think this holiday scenario is even better than my watching the Food Channel while eating. 


My Scrappy Pineapple quilt was almost eaten alive last year on Labor Day. Learn all of my Pineapple sewing tricks, and more, this week on The Quilt Show. 


THE QUILT SHOW Behind the Scenes
I subscribed to The Quilt Show on its opening day, January 1, 2007; last year I was behind the scenes recording episode #905 .

I brought quilts to the studio in Boulder, including an unusual 19th century antique Windmill Blade. D
espite heaps of quilts, Alex, Ricky and the Show's staff, it takes a producer the caliber of Shelly Heesacker, below in blue, to frame a show.

The Quilt Show Shelly

To see the quilts hanging in the Boulder studio, and now on my monitor, thrills me since I have no space in my home to see them displayed. They are stored out-of-sight as if they were an artificial Christmas tree. But that's another story 

During a segment, fabric maintenance tips were discussed. Don't be surprised to see my fabric stuck to a bathroom shower wall. Sometime next week a bonus download of tips, excerpted from Rotary Cutting Revolution, should be available on The Quilt Show's website. Starch (3)

I hope you will become a member and treat yourself to all the The Quilt Show has to offer. I was pleased with the episode; I hope you enjoy it. Every day The Quilt Show offers something new to interest quilters. Should you have questions about the Show, please refer to the FAQ page.

The Quilt Show Banner

Beginning today, September 5th through September 11th, use this link to watch the show and explore most of The Quilt Show's extensive website. 

A discounted Star Membership is available to readers of this newsletter 

when the special code number 180482790813 is applied.


* The first Make It Simpler Newsletter included links to two PDF patterns of mine courtesy of Quiltmaker magazine; that newsletter is accessible here

In this hemisphere, the days grow short when you reach September. Enjoy the holiday,