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I hope you are enjoying the remains of the summer.  I'm really thrilled with these almost-chilly summer evenings.
Lots happening in "studio world" so take a few minutes to let me chat with you.  In this issue:
  • My grandmother speaks
  • New rya yarn and backing sources
  • Tax-free shirts this week, and at Hot August Blues
  • Painted Glassware by custom order
  • New edition of "May the Road Rises..." printed
  • No AVAM Bazaart for me this year


Angelina Lundgren, my grandmother and founder of Lundgren Rya.

A little history you might not be aware of...after graduating from college, and working seasonally in the Colorado Parks system, I returned home to help my grandparents run their rya rug business.  They had just manufactured a couple of tons of high quality rya rug yarn and many bolts of woven rug backing.  They had a pile--no, a mountain--of mail waiting for personal responses, and a manual typewriter at the ready.  My job was to help get the business back on track after losing their supplier in Sweden three years earlier.  I worked under the guidance of both my grandparents, and even lived with them off and on.  Every customer was treated as though they were the only thing that mattered.  We followed up on new rug makers to make sure they were happy with their progress.  Both grandparents taught me the ins and outs of designing the rugs in unique ways.   I learned Gramma's bookkeeping and filing system--because I had to do it right


When visiting my sister, Amy, in her new DC home last month, she presented me with this oil painting portrait (above) of my grandmother when she was probably my age. The painting had been residing in various closets among family members. But I opened the package, and thought, "Perfect!".   Gramma was my inspiration to learn the business end of the rya craft, and my inspiration for sticking to it for 40-something years....and now she is inspiring me to keep going to revive the art of rya rug making once again.  

New Rya yarn and various wool backings from Finland

Here's the latest in what's happening in my quest to bring rya back to this country.  I have found a couple of traditional fabric and fiber companies in Finland who are going to be among my new suppliers of backing and yarn.  They also have kits in traditional and modern design which I hope to carry (or special order).  We are in the beginning stages of something big here.... stay tuned.    


This week ONLY:  

No MD Sales tax on Clothing--including my Shirts!


If you are looking for artsy and different t-shirts and long sleeved shirts, remember the variety that I have hand-printed with your choice of about 25 woodcut or linocut prints and lots of silk-screened ones too.  The newest design in the Raven in Flight.  Give me a call if you want to come by and shop" or visit my booth at Hot August Blues this Saturday, August 17. Click here tio see Festival details and Music line-up.  If you live outside Maryland, well, you never pay state sales tax so relax.
My prices range from $20 - $35 and are great for packing up for college or refreshing your wardrobe.



Custom Painted Wine Glass Order
wine glasses horizontal
Tulips, Purple Coneflower and Bleeding Hearts 
on Wine Glasses
I am painting less glassware these days.  The company that makes my favorite paints (which I trust totally) no longer makes the paint.  :-(  I still have enough quality paint to last a few years, I think.  But since I am putting so much effort into reviving the rya rug craft, this could be a blessing.  I have cases of wineglasses, pint glasses, and martinis, so don't hesitate to ask for a custom glass painting in the meantime.  Click here to see my hand-painted glassware


New Linocut Edition Printed last week:

"May the Road Rise to Meet You."


I love it when a customer/friend contacts me and asks for a specific item that means something to them.  For example, Lauren emailed me a few weeks ago.  She had a framed woodcut image of mine called "May the Wind be Always at Your Back" from a small edition on light blue paper.  She asked if she could have a "May the Road..." on light blue paper, and why not?!  So I printed an edition of twelve.  They cost $65 each.  Let me know if you are interested in one.  I have eleven ready-to-go!  Now Lauren has a matched pair of my prints hanging over the headboard of her bed.  Way to go, Lauren!



All Good things....


I must admit, when I got my "rejection letter" from the American Visionary Art Museum's Holiday 
 last week, for a second, I was shocked and disappointed. But a second later, it made perfect sense and freed me up to go to my High School class reunion, perhaps Thanksgiving with my family in New England, and plenty of time to prepare for the Carroll 
County Artists Studio Tour Dec. 7-8.
The sad part is I've made so many good friends and loyal customers at BazaArt over my 5 or 6 year run there; I will miss you.  But our paths will cross again ... AND I personally invite you to come to my studio for the studio tour.  I'll give you the royal treatment.  And I do recommend you visit the BazaArt...they must be making an effort to bring in new artists which always a GOOD thing and smart for them.
studio tour

Byrdcall Studio all neat and orderly for last year's Studio Tour 


And Speaking of all Good Things coming to an must this newsletter.

Thanks for sticking with me to the bitter end.  I am so excited about where Byrdcall Studio is going, I just can't wait to share with you each month.  You can be sure that despite my enthusiasm for the rya rug craft, I am still committed to the other fun art you have come to expect from me.  I will make a point to keep fun works of all types in each newsletter.  Let me know what you would like to see more--or less of.

Enjoy the cicada buzz and hummingbird hummmm.

A fun page from this month's issue of Carroll Magazine with friendly
Art in the Park faces--including mine!
Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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